Found an empty flavour boost

I tried to have a Vanilla Huel today, with a Banana Flavour Boost from my 10x Flavour Boosts Taster Pack.
Unfortunately, this little bag was empty.
I’ve even shoot a video of me opening the bag, because I thought that might be empty, as it was so light compared to the others (and I couldn’t feel anything inside).

Do I need to contact the Huel Support Team or something else?
Thank you and have a nice day!

I wonder how that happened? It is absolutely the best one so I would pursue a replacement if I were you :wink:

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Yes send them an email is best, and attach a photo or even the vid

Thank you, I’ll send the email for now :slightly_smiling_face:

This has got to be up with one of the saddest Huel experiences. Please email us with the video too. The team will sort you out :smiley:


No problem man. This was just to warn you guys: being helpful is good for karma :joy:

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I bet you were an excellent Cub Scout.

I bet you were an excellent Cub Scout.

Sorry, I don’t get it

Scouts is a organisation you might join as a child (I think they’re global), you learn outdoor skills and how to be a good person - part of that is helping others and you take a Cub Scout Promise when you get accepted in.

The Cub Scout Law:

Cub Scouts always do their best
Think of others before themselves
And do a good turn every day.

Sorry, that was niche.

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Nice, now I get it :joy: english it’s not my main language, that was the problem :slight_smile:
While waiting for email response, I wish you a good day Tim.

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That made me lol. Then they’ll send one flavour boost sachet with DPD*; then it will get lost, and the thread will go wild.

*I know they won’t I just like to cause drama.


Is it still PC to use the term woggle? You never know.

If anyone fancies a hilarious and up-to-date novel about the current issues in Britains with regards to Brexit, transgender issues, TERF feminism, bigotry, racism, the media, social media and right-wing politics, all cleverly wrapped up in a crime novel, then you should read Identity Crisis by Ben Elton. I’ve not finished it, but thus far it has made me laugh so much. I’m not Elton’s biggest fan, but it’s great. I even learned some new terminology. Zie and zir anyone?

Yep it’s like they/them in that it’s not masculine or feminine

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Oh… Irony… :slightly_smiling_face: