I have only just started using Huel after receiving my first order this week. From seeing a number of posts on here and other places on the net I had ordered a few flavour pouches because of some negative responses to the vanilla base mix. I was however pleasantly surprised when I mixed my first batch on its own without any of the flavours added, sure the other flavours are essential as who would want to just have the same flavour over and over again. At the moment I am on one Huel a day (breakfast) and have been preparing the day before and leaving in the fridge.


Taste is always a personal thing. It also depends on how you mix it. Personally I enjoy it and look forward to Huel however I prepare it. As I understand things they had a poll and 25% of people thought it was too sweet and 25% thought it wasn’t sweet enough. Sometimes the threads where people don’t like the taste use phrases you wouldn’t use if you were eating out and didn’t like something. Most people would not finish it and say something like ‘That’s not really for me’. Sure some people would make a big deal. Politeness doesn’t cost anything but the opposite stands out a bit more.

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Well I suppose I have always liked porridge and oats so the that part of the taste doesn’t bother me and as I have a sweet tooth I didn’t mind the sweetness. I think the true test for me will be as I start using more and more Huel in my daily diet.

Nobody thought it “wasn’t sweet enough.” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The poll was “just right, or too sweet.” About 67% thought it was just right, and 33% thought it was too sweet.

You are absolutely right, I just checked and I’d misread a previous post. It was talking about thickness. Sorry.

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Personally I find vanilla is perfect taste wise; maybe it could do with being a little thicker but it’s still good enough.

So pleased to hear you are enjoying your Huel, Terry!

Well my planning didn’t go according to how I wanted it to go. I originally wanted to use it as a breakfast as I am up at what may be too early in the mornings for work so a quick breakfast that huel is was ideal so I put a 28 day subscription in for the 2 bags which would have worked out to one serving a day and see weather or not I got on with it well I think it was my third or fourth day and I started using it for lunch too. Just emptied my first bag so upped my subscription for the next month, going to try some other flavour pouches as well. Thanks for creating a filling and tasty food.

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I think it’s not sweet enough. I normally add extra sweetener to it.

I had the same reaction when I tried it. That said, I’ve always had quite a sweet tooth.

I was responding directly to the OP’s claim that nobody responding to the poll claimed Huel wasn’t sweet enough. Because that wasn’t an option.

I would not be presumptuous to claim that “no one” thought Huel wasn’t sweet enough. Obviously, tastes vary.