Snack suggestions

Hi all

Need some snack ideas for in between shakes. At first I wasn’t so hungry in between and could wait quite happily to my evening meal, however, now I am getting a little peckish in between shakes.

Make the shakes a bit bigger?

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Huel bar? Fruit? What @David said?

Have a cup of tea - get that hydration and fill upp the tummy with warmness.

Huel do bars now. You could try them as a snack although they high in calories are you trying to lose weight? If so then something healthy like a rice cracker or something

Fresh fruit, dried fruit, yoghurts (the healthy ones), more water (tea, coffee) as it fills up your stomach.

A large handful of mixed nuts! 25g is what I try to have daily. Loads of proven health benefits. Aldi do a good bag, 150g I think by the foodie market?

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My wife also likes a large handful of nuts but when I am not around she is satisfied by the offering in Aldi. £1.29 for 150g.

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