Is anyone eating snacks between their shakes?

Hey all you Huelers!
I started using Huel this morning and so far SO good.
I bought the Chocolate flavour system which is great and for my my second shake today I added cinnamon which is so yummy!

I just wondered if between shakes anyone was snacking on anything? Fruit, etc?

I think I just miss that chewing action!


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Hey Bexx,

First off I’m horrified you got to the Hueligan name before me. I can’t believe I didn’t think to create it!

I don’t really snack any more though. When I first started using Huel I did with like biscuits and that, but after using it for a while I’ve just lost interest. Unless I’m very bored. Snacking is always inevitable when you’re bored!

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Hey Gulliver

I couldn’t believe it was still available when I signed up! So I couldn’t resist :smile:

Ah ok… not that i’m at all hungry right now. I just think it’ll be inevitable that I’ll want to munch something!

I’m definitely not slow low to stoop down and tyrannically abuse my admin powers, so if your account disappears it’s definitely not because I’ve taken it…

I’m a super fan of it, but I freaking adore celery. It might not taste of much, but if you’re looking for munch or crunch I love it. Having a pot of it around is always worth it.

Yeah awesome S/N Bexx.

I’ve only been using Huel for a few weeks, replacing breakfast and lunch. At first I felt hungry between shakes but I’ve noticed over time that hunger diminishing. I think mainly because at first I didn’t feel like I was “full up”, felt like I was missing something, but now my body is adjusting to it. I still sometimes snack on fruit or a rice cake here or there but then I also eat dinner so I still get that chewing action. I guess if I were replacing with Huel completely then yeah I’d totally miss eating food.

Ah yeah, celery is a great idea! Love the stuff.

Rice cakes are a good shout! Topped with a bit of PB would be the business.

Yes ma’am, mostly Huel flapjacks, biscuits and pancakes (all home-made) :smile:

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I used to love the chilli rice cakes from Tesco. But they stopped doing them so now I have the salt and vinegar or bbq ones instead, topped with peanut butter and some cayenne pepper, sounds bad but it’s good.

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I bring one huel shaker with me to work and it’s a bit of a stretch to my dinner, so I sometimes have a piece of fruit. Some days I’ll just have 4 shakes of huel and some coffee. Weekends usually include cheese on toast and salty crisps or a beer.

Anyone mixed huel and beer yet?