The Huel Shakes

Hi all, new Huel user here! Been on Huel for almost a week now. Just a question about the Huel shakes. I’ve replaced breakfast and lunch with Huel but still having my standard evening meal. I’ve noticed that in between the first and second Huel of the Day, i notice my body gets the shakes. I normally put this down to plain hunger. Is this normal? Is my body getting use to the new intake?

Would love to hear your thoughts?


Not had this myself.

How many calories are you taking in/burning?

Not heard of the shakes before.

I would check the calorie requirements and make sure you are having enough. Having said that, even went on a calorie deficit I don’t get the shakes.

Also, specifically what times and how much Huel are you consuming? Are you consuming anything else? What activities and times do you do them?


I also get the jake shakes. But it is always when I am hungry again, empty tanked, and my body has no more fuel. I got it before starting Huel too.
It tends to bring it on pretty suddenly though because it is very quickly broken down by the body, I am fine after I get something nutritious in my stomach. Although the anxiety that comes with it generally stops me from doing that so I usually just have another huel. I think it is pretty important to eat something before the shakes start.

TLDR Eat something when you get the shakes and if it stops you are probably just super hungry :3

Whist I don’t get the shakes, @ShishaCat raises a good point that I’ve also experienced. When I need another meal, it seems to come on far more quickly than my former ‘normal food’ diet.

This might be because I’m doing little and often, rather than 3 large meals, but I do find that I almost ‘need’ to eat around my newly appointed meal times.

Hey JCW, I’m having three scoops twice a day and my main meal in the evening. This will normally include chicken breasts x2, green veg and brown rice or sweet potato. Pretty standard. Perhaps reduced slightly but not by much.

Hi Julian, thanks for the link. I’ve pretty much stuck to the guidelines. 3 x scoops twice a day and my main meal in the evening. It hasn’t happened for the last few days.

I normally have two shakes with three scoops a day with my main meal in the evening. I have one Huel in the morning at 8.30/45 and another at around 1pm. My main meal is normally around 7.

Hi @cmurphy - can you try splitting those 2 x 3 scoop servings into 3 x 2 scoop servings and have them about:

  • 8.30am
  • 12 noon
  • 3 pm

and report back?

I just searched the forum for this as it’s just happened to me. I’m only on my second day. I’m doing the same as you 3 scoops twice daily and then an evening meal.

I was intending to have my second Huel at around d 4pm when at 3 pm I was suddenly very hungry and felt light headed, sweaty and slightly shaky. I had my second Huel mixed, so started drinking and instantly felt better.

Never had anything like it before.

I may try splitting them out more, so going for 3 lots of 2 scoops.

Are you using flavoured or unflavoured? Unflavoured contains stevia as a sweetener which I believe can reduce blood sugar levels depending which form of stevia it is. Which can be good for people with high blood sugar but not necessarily for those with low. I remember when I tried stevia as a sugar replacement in coffee a couple of years ago I got weird shaky side effects, and thought it could be blood sugar related. I haven’t noticed this from the unflavoured Huel personally though.

@JamesCollier may be able add some more educated information about this

It went after the first day. All good now.

Good to hear you’re used to using Huel now. Any issues, do let me know.

Thanks. I never had them again but I am more in tune as to when I need to re-Huel (see what I did there?) and I seem to be able to feel the hunger come on about 3.5 hours after a 100g Huel.

I did find that I was very bloated after chugging 100g of Huel in 500ml of water, so I have split it today for the first time and I intend to have 4x 50g in 500ml rather than 2X100g in 500ml.

It’s a nicer taste and consistency for me. And, as a kidney stone sufferer, means I’ll drink more fluid.

I follow the same pattern of breakfast and lunch on Huel. I find making it slightly thicker (less water) and/or consuming 2/3rds at breakfast and the last 3rd as a mid-morning snack (and likewise for lunch and afternoon snack) helps to spread the gaps and stave off the hunger