Weight Loss and does 100% include snacks?

Hi guys, so I’m getting first batch tomorrow, I want to lose weight, so would appreciate any advice on this, also if you are doing 100% would you also use Huel for your snacks?

It’s just food, altho food in a form that makes it easy to know precisely how many calories you are eating. And Huel has you covered: https://huel.com/pages/guide-to-fat-loss.

Snacks? Sure, if you are hungry, trot to the fridge and have a gulp of Huel – if you have some prepared. But you might enjoy the variety of fruit like apples or pears, or crunching some celery with salt and hot sauce, all inexpensive and easy to keep around.

I would have fruit as a change and treat yourself once a week to something you enjoy. Also be prepared for some extra wind.

Thanks, do you drink it with water or milk?

Thanks, I normally snack on celery and nut butter, have no idea about this calorie thing though.

Nut and butter mean high levels of fat, have it in moderation, a thin smear on the celery rather than a big lump of it.
Huel is mixed with water, leave it in the fridge to thicken up and taste better, adjust water to suit preferred thickness. I do have a glass of milk when having the bar as it is quite dry.

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100% is quite a change, most only replace a couple of meals at first but see how you get on. I personally like a healthy evening meal and Huel shake for breakfast and bar for lunch with fruit. Weight the Huel to increase accuracy if calorie counting. Be prepared to feel hungry, maybe spread a shake out over a couple of smaller meals to help avoid hunger and drink plenty of water throughout the day.


Fab thanks, I’m quite used to meal replacement shakes and its the most filling I have found. I definitely eat too much nut butter lol, calorie counting is not my strong point!