So I tried Mana

In my quest to find the perfect drink, I tried another one, Mana. Right now, I am not convinced. It’s too sweet, it does not have enough fibre and tastes funny in a non pleasant way. One thing they did really well was the metal spoon. With your first order you get a metal spoon that carries exactly 200 calories. Being metal it doesn’t break as easily as the huel spoon and it does give the whole thing a certain je ne sais quoi.

I plan to go back to huel as soon as this batch is done but I have to say, that spoon is awesomesauce. @Julian - why not offer something similar as an extra?


Can you take a photos of spoon please?

We did consider metal the issues are:

  1. They cost more
  2. We have started sending out two scoops with the first order so people can have one at work and one at home. I doubt we could do that if they were expensive, so users would have to spend more money
  3. We replace them for free if lost or broken, I’m not sure we would if they were metal

Looking at the pictures it looks roughly the same as Soylent one:

I’m actually using Soylent’s scoop, but also I always carry my little scale around (I use it for coffee as well), unless I have it packed in smaller pre-measured containers.

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As soon as I’m home.

Do what the Mana guys do. Ship one on the first order then charge for replacements. This metal spoon is incredibly handy and, to be honest, stylish.

Having said that, I miss huel. Huel keeps me going for 3 or 4 hours, with Mana I get a carb crash :frowning:

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How much do they charge for the scoop?

You might be interested in this… we recent has Huel’s GI tested.

The result is: 27 (Low)

Please see the document from Oxford Brookes University.

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I’ve just ordered 56 Huel meals. Mana doesn’t have enough fiber so I don’t feel full then comes the sugar crash. I’ve tried all European versions of Soylent and Huel is the only one that works for me.

And since you’re in this thread let me add a suggestion: can you change the bags to a bag per day? I had a full bag go off because I didn’t seal it well (there was some powder in the seal) and had to throw it all away. Putting all eggs in one basket is not a good idea :slight_smile:

Ah yes, forgot to reply: the spoon costs 8 euros :slight_smile:

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I use the Joylent scoop. It’s plastic too but it’s exactly 50g which means 200 calories. No more ‘do the math’ for me. Also it has a bigger handle so my fingers do not get powdery. I do find the scoop size of Huel rather odd. I mean it serves no purpose whatsoever. It’s so irritatingly random for a product that promotes “efficiency”.


This man has a point.

I’m intrigued by the soylent scoop, but not so intrigued as to pay $5 shipping for a $8 spoon.

I normally use scales but I’m getting pretty lackadaisical about even doing that nowadays. I just whack in 3 level scoops now.

You’d get it with your first order and given that its metal its bound to last longer than the plastic one.

What’s to stop you putting your Huel into separate reusable airtight containers after you open it? One of the things I like about Huel is the minimal packaging that means less household waste which is better for the environment.


It’s definitely an idea but I want my easy meals to be easy. This is admittedly less work than cooking but still more work than I want to do. Daily bags like Mana does are great.

That would take all of about… a minute?

That’s nearly 1/3 of a youtube video.

But anyway, I don’t want to buy and stack containers.

Having a scoop that measure out 200 cals is great if you want 200, 400, 600 cals. What if you want 500 cals? Having a scoop with smaller increments, e.g. 152 gives more flexibility, e.g. 152, 304, 456, 608.

A don’t think having to charge $13 for a replacement scoop will be particularly attractive for the majority of customers. Having said that we may stock them as an optional extra.


The spoon would fit 200 cals but would have an internal line measuring 100 cals. I know nothing of metal working but this idea keeps getting better. And yes, as an optional. It’s a great tool if you’re out and about or just plain busy.

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I’ve been thinking of using one of those lock & lock cereal boxes to decant the Huel into. Use them for pet food very successfully and much easier to tell if you’ve closed it properly:

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Big box, big bag - same difference?

Easier to seal so therefore less likely to go off :slight_smile: