Suggestion: a metal scoop

Hey - I’m about halfway through my first two-bag Huel order, and enjoying the experience so far. Quiet liking the taste too, which was the thing I was worried about.

However, the little scoop we get is a bit flimsy, and I’m worried about it breaking.

I would pay a few quid to be able to buy a metal version of the scoop, though. Is this something that could maybe be possible in the long run?

Could also be a good sustainability thing, as it would surely be longer-lasting than the plastic ones?

Just a thought. Don’t hurt me! :wink:

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Definitely something they could add to their shop. I’d buy one if they were a fair price.

Hi there. If it’s any help I’m 5 months and the scoop is still going strong.

Also this has some links in for metal scoops via other suppliers.


Well, I’ve had my plastic scoop since August 2015 and it’s still not broken yet.

Saying that, I have broken one shaker and slightly damaged the other, so what do I know…

The handle is short and it bends. The metal scoop I got from Mana is far easier to use and makes less mess