Would anyone else love a metal scoop?

Hi there, I get that we have a plastic scooper because it’s a bit cheaper, but, when going for 4 shakes a day, that’s 12 compressed scoops which is a lot of action to place on that tiny little bit of reinforcement.

I’m ordering by month, and I can’t see the scoop lasting for that long, I’d love to be able to stump for an aluminium scoop for something similar, would anyone else be interested in this too?

Or has anyone else experienced problems with the plastic scoop?


I think a metal scoop with a longer handle would be great.


I did consider the metal scoop but did have trouble sourcing them, if anyone knows were I could get them I would reconsider.

Having said that I still prefer to use scales, much more accurate and flexible - scoops limit you to increments of 38g.

3 months in, plastic scoop still doing fine :slight_smile:


There’s a few different ones here:
Although I’m not sure on the sizing in terms of grams.
You can also request for suppliers to contact you on there.

Scales are okay for home use, but it gives you another thing to clean and if another thing to pack when travelling. Though this is just absolutely nitpicking.

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Could always buy a long handled coffee scoop to reach the bottom of the bag? Others are available and price varies. Personally I have no issue with the plastic one provided.

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Would like to buy a metal scoop as its easier to get metal clean. Plastic develops scratches where stuff can get stuck and breed (ew), metal doesn’t. Given the amount we use the scoop it seems like a worthwhile investment.


The Soylent’s scoop is very nice : https://soylent-production-herokuapp-com.global.ssl.fastly.net/static/images/scoop_300x400.bb6225989da8.jpg
Only 8$ ! :smile:

They sell their scoop for $8 ???

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Sure, look at here: https://www.soylent.com/products/

Holy moly - huel ones are not metal, but are free.

I was thinking about the same thing. If metal or glass scoops are easier to clean then it would be worth switching to another material (something smooth, hard and hydrophobic would be great (e.g. see this: http://www.rochester.edu/newscenter/superhydrophobic-metals-85592/ )).

Also, it might make sense to change the shape and go for something with no edges as I have noticed that the powder sticks to the scoop mainly around the edges and the bottom.

For those of us who use scales, a bigger scoop like the one shown on the following page (but made of a water-repellent material) might be a good idea: http://www.barmans.co.uk/products/product.asp?ID=179 (please note that I just used that page as an example and have know idea if the quality and price of the products shown there are satisfactory).

Soylent includes a free pitcher and a free metal measuring scoop with every first time order.

Soylent Powder 1.5 details (halfway down the page).

Free pitcher and scoop.
New customers receive a free pitcher and scoop with their first order of Soylent powder. Extra pitchers are available for purchase.

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I have consider sourcing some electronic scales, which wouldn’t be much more expensive but would offer lots more functionality.

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I use Salter electronic scales, but I’d add that the watch style battery has only lasted about a week of Huel measuring for two people…

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Given that when measuring huel, we are almost always measuring the same amount each time, traditional balance scales would work just as well. They also don’t run out of battery.

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@Adam yes the battery length of some scales can be poor. One tip, as soon as you have used them, switch them off manually, instead of letting them switch off themselves. Also the first battery you can poor low charged, a new battery should last longer.

@Quidditch yes a small set of scales without a battery but which were quick and easy to use would be good. Maybe a wind-up scales with a digital display would be ideal, if it exists.

I got my scales from IKEA which use AAA batteries … only problem is they auto shut off a bit too quick if I get slightly distracted whilst measuring.

+1 for a metal scoop with long handle. I’m incredibly lazy & scoop from bag to blender is quick & simple. Also the simpler the process the less mess I’m likely to make.

If I could buy a metal scoop that held exactly 100g (or close enough) I’d be very happy.

Hmm, anyone know if a metal scoop would avoid the static effect where some Huel jumps out of the scoop just as it’s being lifted out of the bag? I’m not sure if this is down to the scoop picking up static charge, the Huel or the bag.

It only happens occasionally but it really confused me for the first couple of weeks as I didn’t notice exactly what was happening at first, only that I’d been really careful not to spill any but still ended up with a fine dusting of Huel on the work surface around the bag after I’d finished :grin: