Social media journey

Does anyone document their Huel journey on social media?
I do tweeting.
@Lou_Williamson :massage_woman:t3:

Any instagrammers or tweeters?

No, I use the DPD app. It tells me exactly where Gordy is and when he may be arriving at my front door.


There’s a dank Huel memes Instagram account :joy: some of them are pretty weird though ngl, apologies if that belongs to someone on here

I only have friends and family on social media. If one of them starting going on about what they eat I’d block them, so I don’t put them in that situation either.

I just post here, where I can be reasonable sure most people are interested in Huel, and I post in a weight loss thread on another forum.

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I agree with @David I hate it when people post their meals on social media. Mostly because their Meals are something far better then what I could ever make myself.

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Don’t listen to these grumps @dipdotdub you go tweet your heart out

Although it does look like you’re fishing for followers on here and if that’s the case you should know we’re quite happy where we are thanks

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I’ve just got no friends :joy:

Tbh, the idea is, I can follow back :woman_shrugging:t3: Just nice to see women transformations on Huel, as it’s all men. And as a woman it’d be good to see how body’s change.

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I followed but mostly because you’re a red :heart: YNWA

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Not all men :grin: I just don’t feel the need to shout about my life on social media. I do well on Huel, it suits me. The End :slightly_smiling_face:


#6times just saying