Some beginner tips!

As I’m now about 9 scoops from the end of my first order, I thought I’d share a few thoughts. Nothing really new here, but these tip might be useful to newcomers.

1/ Use the plastic grille!
If you are using the Huel shaker, make sure you use the plastic grille that comes with it. This really helps with lumpy consistency. I didn’t appreciate this for about two weeks - I started by leaving the grille off, and had to get really good at swallowing lumps whole - not pleasant). If you’re not currently using it, you’ll notice the difference.

2/ Flavours are great, but vanilla gets even better over time!
I started with a trial flavours pack, and wondered how I would be able to go on without them. I wasn’t too into the vanilla flavour at first, but once I was forced to drink it on its own, it started to taste better every day … I love it now! It’s a similar experience to, say, brushing your teeth with Corsdyl - it tastes unusual at first, but grows on you.

3/ You’ll be amazed how it fills you up!
This is actually something I still struggle with - sometimes I’m hungry and my head is telling me “that will never fill you up”. The truth is it does, but I’ve sometime got to fight hard to reach for the Huel rather than pop out for a sandwich (I’m currently using Huel as a lunch replacement). So, sometimes perseverance is a case of not letting your head get the better of you.

Just some musings - hope they’re useful. Happy Hueling!