Some flavour boost bags received with slashes in them


They were lying horizontally at the top inside 2 boxes. Some of the content spilt out. Looks like a Stanley knife was carelessly used during the packing process. Anybody else get any packing damage ?

How’d you open the package? I accidentally slashed a flavour boost package like that when opening the box with a pen knife… :sob:

Pretty much exactly what I thought.

I prised open the box using a fairly sharp wallpaper scraper tool not a pen knife or stanley knife. The cuts in the flavour bags were at right angles to the main cut I used to open along the middle of the box. The other cuts I needed were just around the edges. Never had this before.

I would expect to see much more product distributed about the packaging if the damage had happened prior to shipping due to movement during transport. Judging by the small clumps beside the slashes, it looks like the damage must have happened as you were opening the box, I’m sorry to say. :frowning:

The bags were dead horizontal within the box. The cuts meant meant that there was only a little direct exposure to the content as the sides of the cut were close together although some had spilt out inside the box. When I took them out of the box the content that spilt mainly fell off but just placing it on the table a bit more content came out.

Actually looking at the picture the clumps are mainly close to the cuts which is what you would expect. The bags were positioned tightly packed against the upper surface of the box so there wasnt much room for it to spread about. Obviously taking the bags out of the boxes some debris fell off although some new debris came out when i was putting it on the table.

I am jealous mine only had Axl Rose.


If you expand the left most bag in the image you will see that quite a few particles have spread around almost the entire top surface of the bag, probably it was not so tightly up against the upper box surface as the others.

Had to think about that one for a while, but the penny dropped eventually. :laughing:

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To get a response from anyone in HQ it’s best to tag someone. @Tim_Huel is always very helpful, and has plenty of time on his hands!! :wink: Sorry, Tim.


Really gutted to see that. I know that our fulfilment team don’t use any sharp cutting tools in the packing process, especially not after sealing a package, and obviously the package wouldn’t have been sealed with sliced packages in. So it’s super strange you’ve received them like that.

I’ll ping you a DM and grab some more info.

90% sure this was on my reception school report from my form teacher.


I just found a fourth slashed. It is unlikely there are any more.The implement I used to open the box just could not do those sorts of slashes. Also as the flavour packages were laid out lengthways in the boxes, the slashes were at right angles to the cut i used to prise open the box.

Just a thought - but I have recieved packages in the past from DPD and Royal Mail with similar / other damage - I’m not sure why they cut parcels open sometimes and reseal them, but it does happen, and often not done with care.

The box itself looked perfectly intact.

ah not that then…