First delivery- broken packaging

Little disappointed… First delivery arrived next day as advertised however one of the packages was already opened, I have ordered plenty of protein shakes etc. From different sites and this hasn’t happened before.

It was bound to happen seeing the way they were chucking pouches in the boxes lately. You can tell that whoever is packaging them, does not care if their carelessness is damaging the product. Perhaps @Julian could look into this issue?

@Mark_Watson Sorry to hear about the opened bag we will be in touch.

Hi @Julian , thank you. I look forward to hearing from you- zoltan is probably onto something. The box was in perfect condition I presume it was the force with which it was packed that split the bag itself.

@Julian still nothing…

That is most strange, I do apologise. I’m not in the office tomorrow, but Gulliver will be in touch. We will sort it out for you. :smile:

Interestingly, my second batch (I had delivered about 3 weeks ago) also had a bag that was split. Very disappointing!

I wonder how it’s happening. The exterior of the bags seems quite tough. Even if they’re thrown, it’s hard to imagine them splitting. Maybe they’re somehow getting cut by something when being packed.

Definitely not cut. I’ll get another picture… The packaging is intact its just open at the top

It’s to do with sealing process I like. Sometimes the heat seal machine and pouch are slightly misalighed and the seal is not quite right. It’s rare but does happen.

And probably whoever in the factory is doing the packing is thinking “not my job” when they see the unsealed bag. (“Sealing is someone else’s job, packing in the box is my job.”)

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