Some questions before my first order

Hi guys I am about to get on the Huel bandwagon but I have some questions before I put in my first order.

  1. How long is the shelf life of Huel? I don’t have a huge appetite and don’t want to gain lots of weight so I think it is unlikely I will use up two bags fast.
  2. I have IBS do you think I need the gluten-free version of Huel?
  3. Should I get the unflavoured one to add flavour boosts to or is it ok to add them to vanilla? Would it taste weird with vanilla?

Thank you so much!

The shelf life is around a year. 2 bags is around 28 meals - so even f you only had one meal a week it would be used up well in date.

With regards to IBS I don’t know.

The taste boosters are subjective…you could ask 10 people and get 10 different answers, also which ones they prefer. I don’t like unflavoured on its own, and I find the vanilla on its own too sweet, so personally I buy one of each and mix them together, and its just right for me.

I use this 50/50 mix if I add flavour boosts as well, although to me I am happy to use them to sweeten both unflavoured and vanilla…you need less if using vanilla of course.

My favourite flavour boost is banana, and my least is strawberry. I also add coffee sometimes.

Refrigerating your mixed Huel overnight if possible for many people improves taste and texture.


Hi Alex

I also worried about getting through that much. I’m on my second bag now and I’ve generally been having it for breakfast and a snack, but because I only have a 2 scoop breakfast that equates to one normal meal a day on Huel. I think the shelf life is 6 months opened and if you’re having one a day (I tend to only do week days) you’ll be fine.

I’ve answered the GF thing on the note you put on my earlier thread so I’ll not repeat that!

I’m using vanilla and I’ve been using it with the flavour boosts and cinnamon, they have all tasted fine so far. (i’m about half way through the flavour box) Admittedly I’ve not tried the other Huel flavours yet but I’m probably going to stick with the vanilla as its not too strong and seems to work as a good base. Its a bit readybrek like on its own but I never have it without something in so it doesnt bother me. If you’re wanting to cook savoury stuff with it you might prefer U/U. I’d have to agree with @hunzas on the strawberry boost though!

I also do mine in a blender and refrigerate overnight, more because I’m rubbish in a morning so I can just grab and go, but i’ve tried blending and drinking straight away and I definitely prefer the texture after its been in the fridge for a bit.


Thank you for the advice, I’ve gone with one vanilla and one mint-chocolate! Will definitely make them and leave them overnight.


Hi Alex. I have IBS and find the regular(non gluten-free) Huel suits me fine. Pretty close to symptom free now. I started off with a couple of bags of vanilla, which I love, and since then I have expanded to include U&U, Original, Berry, Mint-Choc and am about to take delivery of a couple of bags of coffee. As everyone has their own personal preference as regards tastes it is difficult to recommend. I find Original goes well with flavour boosts though I find it a bit sweet. Vanilla has quite a strong toffee taste which can override some of the flavours. I still love it though and often prefer it as it is :yum:

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The mint chocolate appears to be a winner for most people. It’s really good, but I didn’t talk about that as you mentioned flavour boosts, and you won’t need them with that obviously.

I find vanilla on its own tastes fine, so on a day to day basis doesn’t need flavour boosts. I don’t really have a sweet tooth so tone it down with 50/50 unflavoured as mentioned above.

If you get on with Huel, new vanilla is very nice, and a diff. taste to original vanilla.

see this thread: Question: Gluten-Free vs Original (NO IBS/CELIAC'S)

That is for no IBS tho and I do have a reaction to foods that are high in gluten…

Hi Alex I understand the title of the post says that, but I think you will find the majority of the thread useful especially Tim’s post towards the end. In future you can find out more yourself by using the search function at the top of the page

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