Sorry Tim

Just thought the forum might want to see this! Having fun in the Huel office :joy: @Tim_Huel


Some things can never be unseen. :scream:

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Is this @JamesCollier I spotted with Dorian Yates… Lol
I used to work in Birmingham in the 90’s and trained in Dorian’s Temple gym, seen him training a few times. He was well hardcore, but he was Mr Olympia 6 times after all.


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Damn James! Save some muscles for the rest of us

Haha - that was about 10 years ago (I need to get back to that shape!)

At least you were in shape at some point!

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That’s actually mine and Ed’s normal faces. My profile picture is an edit, and any video you’ve seen with me in is an AR filter to make my face look ‘normal’.