‘Soup Tin’ Serving Suggestions

In the same way you see those really obvious ‘Serving Suggestion’ labels on a soup can showing it in a bowl, with a spoon, this isn’t a recipe as such - but just another way to eat your bars instead of nuking them in the microwave

A sweeter version of the legendary combo of Peanut Butter bars spread with Marmite, these are PB bars spread with vegan plain soft cheese and topped with some dried Syrian figs and part-frozen blueberries – a really nice, rich and fresh tasting meal option.


They sound nice! I’ve already posted about my love of chocolate Huel Bars spread with peanut butter. :yum:

Where did you find those beautiful figs? Dried figs are my kryptonite!!

Those look nice, I’ll probably try that with thick yoghurt.




I get them from a local store specialising in Middle Eastern food. they normally have them from a number of countries,

you know you need it in your life

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looking like an interesting conbination.

best blueberries ive ever had were from Peru, bought in sainsburys. big juicy ones.


In my local Tesco they had Marmite hummous yesterday. For years I have eaten Yeast extract and hummous together on toast and crackers; it’s a nice combo with some black and white pepper sprinkled atop.

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I’ve bought 3 small blueberry bushes this year. Have been meaning to do for years as I love blueberries. Only a modest crop this time round but I have high hopes for many more next summer. Even though they are only small they are loaded with berries :yum:

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Ooh that sounds great, was it a branded thing? Not heard about it before!

Yes it is branded. I just found a link on the Tesco website. Just noticed it has milk in though so not vegan. I didn’t actually pick up the pot in the shop or I would have noticed then. Anyway, I guess just get a pot of hummus and stir in marmite. What I do is spread a layer of hummous, then a layer of yeast extract. I normally use this as it is reduced salt and there is salt in the bread and the hummous.

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