Starting Huel and MFP (January 2020)


Thought I’d give a quick update to say how much I’m finding Huel a benefit to my life. I’m also using MFP to track my calories. This is the first time in my life that I’ve actually paid attention to the nutrition on packaging in the supermarkets!

I’m a 29 year old male who started 3 days ago at 86kg. I weighed myself this morning and the scale now reads 83.4kg.

I know in the first few days this doesn’t really mean anything but I’m enjoying Huel and watching what I eat. I love the flavour/texture and feel pretty good in myself so far. This feels like something I can incorporate into my life long term!


Awesome! And welcome to the forum! Your goal is to lose weight or to eat healthy or both?

Thank you. Mainly to eat more healthily and think about what I am eating more carefully. I’d also like to lose some weight which is inevitable If I keep under my calorie goal and continue exercising. Can’t rate Huel highly enough for how easy it is to start taking control of how many calories I consume