Starting out fresh

I am 26, 5ft 5, and weigh around 26 stone.
I have always been overweight, ever since I can remember.
Did not help my parents working and my brother would cook diner, chicks nuggets, chips and beans!
I have had some bad life experiences like a lot of people and it has not helped.
Over the past 3 years we have had nothing but bad in the family and I worry about everything and everything so I turn to food and alcohol.
I am ready to lose the weight now and I am determined to stick to it. I want to live now.
My siblings have kids and watching them I don’t think I want kids, I love my dog and want to travel. I never been clubbing as it does not interest me so never some the typical teenage thing, saying that if I did I might not be so big.

I am going to do a months supply, 3 vanilla and one unflavoured, also buying the flavours so mix things up.
Wondering if anyone has any tips as to how this is best to go at it please.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi pal,

Honestly - just follow what the website says!

Work out your daily calorie requirements and tailor your intake to suit that, less a set number of calories. I aim for a 500-a-day calorie deficit. It might also be worth adding in some physical training - given your weight/height I would suggest weights or static bike rather than anything impact based.

I would start out on vanilla (+ flavour pouches) to get used to the taste, then start adding the U/U. As Huel advises, I would look to exchange two meals per day with a (healthy!) cooked meal once per day - I normally eat “real food” for dinner if I am at home, or lunch if I am away on work.

Good luck!



If I were you I’d book an appointment with my GP to talk things over (take a printout of the nutritional bit from the back of the bags - it’s a jpg around the site somewhere - as most doctors haven’t heard about Huel).

As NewbishDelight says some physical exercise will help too. Again, consult a professional for advice! It might be that your GP can refer you to a physiotherapist for help, but if it means forking out for an hour of a fitness trainer’s time, it would be money well spent. Don’t be embarrassed talking to a trainer: according to a mate who works as a trainer, a large part of the pleasure of the job is helping people help themselves.

Sorry if my talk of seeing professionals feels disempowering: it’s not meant to be! Sometimes it helps to get someone else’s view, especially when you’re talking about the sort of major changes you’re looking forward to. (When I was in hospital a few years ago, I had to prove to the occupational therapists that I could do stairs before they’d sign off on me going home…)

Best of luck to you, and keep asking questions! The only stupid question is the one you didn’t ask :wink:


Hi Charlieb.

Well I just joined and my pack came today so I’m starting in the morning (as it’s just after midnight now).

I’m 5ft 8 and am 44yrs old and 15 stone 4lbs - I feel very unhealthy and uncomfortable and it’s time to change. I have only been slim for about 5 years of my life, ok for 10 years and overweight for the rest of it. Things that you mention have played a part for me too but I have decided that enough is enough as I have a million reasons to be slim, fit and healthy and none that I can think of to be overweight.

I also have a job (self-employed) that puts me front and centre of people and I’d rather be slim, which I think Huel just might help me with.

Maybe we can keep this thread updated with our progress as having someone to report in to each week may just keep us both (and anyone else) on the straight and narrow.

As I have two young children, I want to see them grow up, so it’s time to start, today!



I think there are a lot of people here who can relate to your post, it’s so easy to turn to food when life is bad.
I really hope Huel works for you, for me it has helped with my mood as well as well as my health, which in turn makes it easier for me to make better decisions with the rest of my food (I am not on 100% huel). With the exception of when I’m pre-m. I eat junk for a few days a month :joy: :sweat_smile:

It sounds like you don’t just want to lose weight, you want to make a lifestyle change. If so, start slow- it’s easier to stick to any change like this if it’s gradual. Start with 1 huel meal a day, and experiment with some healthier alternatives for your other meals. Don’t feel bad if you don’t like huel at first, it usually takes people a while to get used to it. Play with the recipe, there are lots of low calorie things you can add. And don’t feel bad if you cave and eat the occasional unhealthy thing, you can make up for it by being a little healthier on another day. Increase huel meals once you start to like it- a lot of people keep one meal a day of ‘normal’ food.

Best of luck and hope you keep us updated.

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Thank you for taking the time to read and reply to my post - it honestly has made my day.

I only got my huel yesterday so made a batch for today. 3 scoops in 500ml, I am going to change this as it was a bit much. I added strawberries and banana which I will not do again as just made it taste like a non roped banana :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: but it was edible.
I had it around 7:30-8 and I only got a bit hungry around 10 so had a naked bar which is gluten free and only just got hungry at 13:00 so second shake it was.
I work in an office so it’s easy to sit and munch but as I have SAD I am only just starting to eat at my desk after 4 years of being there, and if I do eat it’s healthy foods. Luckily my team eat healthy so that’s a win.

I think I will consider seeing my gp. I know my blood pressure and sugar and ok as I have the tests at home.

I am kinda hitting this hard as I know in the past I have so easily gone back to my old ways and I find just doing things work for me.
I have a dog and puppy so walking them will get my exercise up and I have also ordered a bike as recommended by newbishdelight.

I took bananas, apples and nuts to work so if I get peckish I can have them. Also lots of water which I started recently. I also have a berocca a day as I struggle with fatigue so tired whether I sleep 6-8-10 hours. Hopefully ones a few weeks down the line it was kick in and feel more energetic.

Yes please keep me updated with your progresses! It’s keeps us going hearing about how good everyone is doing. :blush:

Seriously though that you for taking your time to read and reply, it really does mean a lot.

Good luck guys!!
Charlie :grin::grin:


Hey guys,

So today I had huel for breakie and lunch. Filled me up so good.
Breaker 7:30-8.
Lunch 13:00
Diner around 18:30
I had to drive my mum to McDonald’s! It is my weakness!
I know this is properly bad, I had crispy chicken salad and a diet coke, and a hamburger. I read that hamburgers are their healthiest thing with meat.

I have prepared my shakes already for tomorrow.
I had the small packets of flavour so just added half to each shake and it adds a little of flavour which is ok.
I didn’t got for my walk today :frowning: we got home late though and dogs had their diner and your supposed to wait an hour as they could be sick and I know buddy the eldest he can be sick a fair bit so I don’t like risking it.

I do feel I have more energy, only a tad but I also feel happier which is just properly the thought of doing this.

Well night guys, tomorrow is a better day :blush:

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Well done on keeping it going and keeping it real.
We all have the odd slip and it’s especially difficult when you’re living with others who aren’t on the same path as you.
Good luck with the journey, trust me, feeling good about your health and body are very worthwhile goals and you’ll love yourself for sticking to it.


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Thank you :slight_smile:
It is difficult with only me in the house doing it. But I just keep thinking about when I have done it and the results :slight_smile:

I had two huels today, two small apples and a banana. I am just cooking chicken and wholewheat pasta. Making extra so I can have it tomorrow also.

Thank you for the support:)

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I had the same 3 scoops in 500ml, added mocha for morning.
Lunch I had the same but strawberry.
For diner I had the packet pre cooked bbq chicken from Tesco and uncle bens tomato rice. Love that diner.
My bike turned up today as well so that is set up :slight_smile:
Feel really good about this. I don’t feel so bloated, like my tummy does not stick out like it used to when I eat.
I think I may have lost weight but my scales don’t register me :persevere:.

Hope everyone else is doing good! :hugs:

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You’re doing really well. Keep up the good work.
Maybe take measurements (bust, waist, hips, bum, thighs etc) then you’ll know if you’re dropping weight even if the scales don’t measure.x

Hi Coco,

Thanks for reading a replying :slight_smile:

I may well do that. I have herd before do not go by the scales.

Have a wonderful day
Charlie x

Day 5.
Had a mixed day yesterday…

Today I had banana huel for breakfast.
A banana around 10.
Two sugar free red bulls throughout work.
Some carrot battons at work.
Had chocolate huel for lunch.
Diner was chicken, rice and sweet corn.
Had two rows of green and blacks salted caramel chocolate after diner :confused: tasted good.

Typically my day would be a belvita for breakfast, banana a bit into work or nothing until lunch which would be a shop bought sandwich or pasta salad. I’d add chicken, and have pineapple and these bbq nuts and seeds.
Diner would always be rubbish or I’d do microwave rice and chicken. Chocolate and an ice lolly after work. I’d have McDonald at least twice a week, pizza - so bad. I wouldn’t have sugar drinks though. Always sugar free, water and or coffee.
I’m not as tired at work which is a bonus. I do feel better though so far.
Big change.

Welcome to the forum, great to hear more about your experience, especially that you feel more awake at work. I’m starting to think the physical benefits are just a bonus compared to the way Huel makes me feel mentally! Please keep sharing as there are many of us on here that rely on other people’s journeys as inspiration

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Thank you Ryan.
Usually my eyes are so heavy and I have to drink beroca and red bulls, and coffee to keep me up.
Definitely feeling better on this than any other diet. I am actually preparing it when I am home from work. I usually cannot be bothered to do anything.
Going to do my bike tonight, have chicken a d rice again as I love it and I just can’t bare the thought of huel for dinner :grin: need some food.
I defiantly will. I think this is what keeps you going Also, keep posting on here and that way I can see what I am doing daily.

It really is good stuff. Good to hear it is working for you. :blush:

Have a good day guys

I made a fruit huel which was co-op frozen mixed fruits and 3 scoops huel, 500ml water…texture was a bit eugh. I love seeds but the ones in the shake must have been from the blackberries. Was not very pleasant.
I am having the cinnamon one now which I rate highly. It’s like cinnamon porridge.


Cinnamon sounds great I’m going to pick some up tonight for sure

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Defiantly worth a try :slight_smile:

I had my two huel today, breakfast and lunch.
A banana, an Orange, some nuts and seeds.
Had two sugar free red bulls and water. Oh and a diet cherry coke.
Diner was uncle bens tomato and basil rice with Tescos bbq chicken already cooked. Amazeballs.
Had some more of that choc. All gone now so no more!
My mood is defiantly up. I am wanting to do more and I did 15 mins on my bike tonight. Started thinking I was only going to make it to 5mins! Was watching the conjuring 2 while riding so made the time go quicker :grin:

I have cinnamon again tomorrow and I tried the nakd coco bar mixed with huel. Tried a sip and tasted alright so I’ll give that a go tomorrow.

Night huelers :smiley:

Hey guys

The nakd shake was not bad. I do not like strong flavour so was perfect.
Cinnamon again for lunch.

I’ve had an orange and half a cucumber. Tesco do them in halves, so handy. Looked odd in the office just sitting there with half a cucumber :joy:

Going to have bananas for snack after lunch.

Diner I already have chicken and rice as bought it last night.

Have a good days guys

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I get through so much cinnamon, it’s my default addition to huel. Usually cinnamon, coffee (azera because it’s a powder), an ice cube and a bit of milk. I add a tsp or two of maple syrup if I’m having a sugar craving.
Sounds like you’re doing really well! :slight_smile:

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