Starting out....sporadic breaks NHS

Hello, having seen this on FB decided to give it ago, working 12 hour shifts in A&E with no set breaks, often grabbing a fizzy drink, sandwich and chocolate, hope that I see an improvement in health and wellbeing. Do you think I will be able to use just for 1 or 2 meals when working, ie, breakfast and lunch with family meal at night when home after work, and maybe substitute for just one meal on days off and not at work…or just stick to 2:1 every day?

sounds like a plan! i think its recommended 4-5 “meals” per day though, so you can have maybe 2 at work and then see how you feel after your shift, thats what i do anyway.

Isn’t it odd how life for lost of us is to hectic to eat properly. Huel has been a real blessing for me and fitting in health balanced food into a hectic schedule.

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