Using huel while on shifts


Just ordered my first bag of huel, I went for vanilla and coffee and 2 flavour boosts.

My question is I work shifts as I’m in the police

7am - 6pm x 2
4pm - 1am x 2
11pm - 7am x 2

How should I use HUEL? I normally just eat when I’m hungry and eat whatever type of meal I fancy at the time!

Up till joining thy job I use to train 5 times a week and was pretty fit but in the last year I haven’t trained as much and my diet has not been great, plus add in the global lockdown has stopped me using the gym all together!

Now the uk lockdown is coming to a finish and gyms are reopening my body has healed from years of training so I plan on getting back in there and using huel as a little kick start!

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Huel is just food, so if you replace your usual meals with a Huel meal you’re doing fine.

If you are used to eating when you are hungry, replace Huel with your normal go to meal. Want a sandwich? Have Huel meal; Big Mac…have a Huel meal…fight with bank robbers…have a Huel meal. Chase a gunman…have a Huel meal. Forget speeding motorists…have a Huel meal.


On the days I work a 12.5hr shift I use Huel the same as I would my meal. Being a creature of habit I have structured meal times but instead of a meal I chose Huel.

@hunzas and @D90019 have got it! Thanks guys. Just have Huel instead of those mid-shift meals. We have a load of people working in the emergency services using Huel, so you’re in good company!

Personally I would use them when you would normally take your meal breaks. If you think of it as structured, breakfast, dinner and tea (yes I’m northern lol) and that should help space it out. I find my breakfast last me until lunchtime


And Huel bars for elevenses & afternoon tea breaks. :wink:


For a 12.5 hour shift my meals are as follows:
Breakfast at 0600 of huel with creatine and frozen berries.
Elevenses of a banana and a protein shake
Lunch at 1300 of Huel black taken where ever I am
Afternoon snack 1600 of Huel rd
Evening 1800 of a soup of I’m still hungry
Meal at pub or home of meat, veg and potato

For an 8 hour shift:
Breakfast of Huel and protein powder
Elevenses of banana or beef jerky or graze box
Lunch at 1300 of Huel black
Afternoon snack of soup or sandwich
Meal at pub or home of meat, veg and potato.