Shift work and energy release

Hi everyone, I’ve just ordered my first lot of Huel and have had a quick look around this forum but can’t find an answer.
I have to be careful about what types of food I eat at certain times of day as I work shifts and need to go to bed tired at silly times of day. I don’t want a food that will have me “wired” and not be able to sleep. But by the same token I need a food that gives me the energy I need to get me through a night shift. Is there a philosophy as to when to have your last Huel a certain amount of hours before sleep? Or is there nothing to worry about?

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I’m not a shift worker but have a heavy work requirement to be unpredictably either on my feet running about all day or going straight from hours of intense “screen time” to sleep.

I’ve been using Huel for about 2/3 of my meals for the last month and have found that if I spread out consuming the shakes i’m fairly constantly content without feeling either sluggish or wired regardless of whether its an active day or a screen day. I’ve had situations where i’ll get home later than planned, be a little hungry, mix a shake, drink it down and be asleep within an hour with no ill effects.

Before I tried Huel i’d be eating whatever I could get my hands to get me through the day and that would lead to massive jittery energy spikes from mixing too much sugar and caffeine followed by the inevitable crash and biscuit hunt. By comparison I now rarely notice it’s lunch time even if people around me are eating as I just feel sated and keep going until that changes.


I work as a bus driver which involves shift work. I use Huel mainly to replace my mid-day meal or (depending on shift times) the 10am snack or 2pm late lunch. I tend to make up a 4-scoop shaker and spread it out through the middle part of a work shift rather than all-at-once on my lunch break. It does a great job of preventing energy spikes and the resulting energy crash.


Thanks guys. Really appreciate your comments. Seems like I made a good choice with Huel

I’m a plasterer so I prefer steady energy throughout the day, before when I used to eat something heavy at lunch it would slay me. Similarly not eating killed me too and I ended up binging at the end of the day and sleeping after.

I just sip Huel continuously throughout the day meaning I have a constant small intake of food, supposedly that should be good for weight loss.


I’m trying to gain weight, using Huel as part of it and regularly have a shaker of huel right before bed.

It’s low GI and doesn’t contain maltodextrin like a lot of 'lents so there isn’t an energy spike to worry about, just a nicely balanced feeling of having eaten well.

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