Status :ERROR?

My subscription should have been dispatched last Friday - I wasn’t sure of the date I can never remember its like a nice surprise when I get the email to say an order is on its way!. I suddenly realised we were running low and checked my account only to discover that it was overdue but the status says Error. Has anyone had this before? I’ve changed the date of my subscription to tomorrow in the hopes it will arrive Saturday as we now have about 40 grams left … what am I going to do without it :frowning: ?

have you tried the live chat on the main website to ask what’s the problem?

I didn’t realise there was a live chat option. Thanks :grinning:

did your card details change or something? Huel usually sends an email when that happens though

Sorry you are having some bother with your subscription!

On our side, I can’t see why there would have been an error however I can confirm that your order processed today and should be out for delivery tomorrow.

Hope this helps!

No change in details, that was my first thought too.

Thank you for checking for me. I also had a chat with a nice person on the live chat who said there had a been a system error and was also able to confirm my order should be with me tomorrow, I hope it is I had to make my lunch with my remaining 40g!! :joy::joy: