Staying a Hueligan without a permanent address

Hello Huel community! I have been drinking Huel for breakfast/as a 4th meal for about 6 years. I really enjoy having Huel as an quick meal and it keeps me confident that I am meeting my nutritional needs as I am a vegetarian.

In about 2 months my partner and I are moving out of our townhouse and into a Ford Transit that we are building out to travel around the US. I was wondering if anybody knows what the best way to get Huel will be without a permanent address.

Are there distribution centers I could have a map of?

Does Huel sell in stores? I’ve never seen it in a store in North Carolina.

I’ve seen a person living in a van that was promoting Huel on social media, maybe they got a special arrangement.

I could always ship to a friend’s house and have them get it to me somehow, but I would be nice to see what additional options some creative people can come up with.

Could you ship it to a UPS access point near to where you know you will be and pick it up? Not entirely sure how that works but it seems similar to the option DPD have in the UK.

Depending on how much storage space you have in the van, how long you’ll be travelling and and how much you consume each day it’d be easiest to take it as much as possible with you from the start, then when you’re close to running out maybe you could park up somewhere and get a friendly store owner or campsite manager to let you order in a bulk load to replenish.

If delivery times are only a couple of days you could order it and just take a break til it arrives, avoiding having to plan ahead.

If the maximum 16 bag order isn’t enough you could have two accounts to double it up. Not sure if that works, two accounts at the same address with ordering and delivery at the same time, but maybe worth checking.

This is one of my first thoughts as well and probably the simplest option. As long as huel would let me ship to it this could be easy. I wonder how much cost it would add to rent the box.

Another comment mentioned leaning on a kind business owner. We plan on usually letting people know if we are going to be sleeping in their parking lot and maybe it would be doable if we plan a couple days ahead.

That was my initial thoughts but as far as I know you have to put in your address and then once it’s shipped you can redirect to your local DPD shop. But by that time it is on the way to you and they wouldn’t redirect to another part of the country.

I know some companies will let you choose to have delivered to a pick up shop when ordering but I don’t think Huel does…or at least they didn’t use to. Maybe @Dom_Huel could answer.

Hey Aaron! A warm welcome to the forum from the Huel team :grin: Hope you enjoy your stay!

Just a heads up, you landed on the UK forum. Before I get to the answer, I would highly encourage you to repost your question on the US Huel Forum, so that customers in similar situations can easily find help!

I have spoken to my US colleagues, and the best way to go about your situation is shipping to your local Post Office, which is an option we set up with our carriers. Of course, this might not work if you are constantly on the move, however, should do the job if you’re stationary for a few days now and then.

Let me know if this helped and if you have any other questions we can possibly help you with!

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Thanks Dom! Not sure how I ended up on the UK forum, but y’all seem to have the right ideas. I will, however, repost in the US forum.

Here in Germany it is similar, at least in every larger city - there are no appartments. There are people who have to live in AirBnBs for months. And the really sad thing is that this is not even much more expensive than renting something permanently.