Yes, not a pleasant topic but…

Huel RTD - no stool probs. (RTD 2-3 a day plus eggs and veg dinner)

Huel Powder and water - stools tend to be very greasy. (Huel Black edition twice a day plus eggs or fish etc)

Any ideas?

Cut out the eggs and fish?

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Too much fat? Oats might help.

It sounds as though something in Black Edition is reducing the amount of fat you’re absorbing from your food. Black Edition contains marginally more fibre than RTD, and also contains the fibrous part of flaxseed, which is not included in RTD. Soluble fibre has been linked with reduced fat and cholesterol absorption. I would recommend chatting to your doctor about your symptoms if you haven’t already - they might be able to shed some light as well as rule out anything medical.

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