Stopping Cravings?

Hi Guys, anyone have any tips on how to stop these Sugar cravings? I’ve been having Huel almost every day for about 2 weeks now. I’m fine in the morning, I can have a Huel at around 10/11 and be okay until about 1/2. I usually push through and have lunch or a Huel at about 2/3ish. But then when I get home from work in the evening, Dinner is around 6/7ish and after dinner all I want to do is eat chocolate. It feels like a drug addiction sometimes, I get incredibly stressed out if I can’t have it, so I tend to give in.

Any idea’s on why I crave it so much, what to do to stop the craving?

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I don’t think there is an easy way, only the hope that if you can gradually cut down or go cold turkey, eventually you will lose the craving, so there is light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck & hopefully someone who’s been through the process will be able to offer more constructive advice.

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A very dark (85-90%) chocolate has a low enough sugar content that you can have a little and not overly concern yourself. For example, 50g (half a large bar) of this 85% Green and Black’s chocolate ( has only 6.75g of sugar, and a 20g serving only has 2.7g. This is an amount low enough that you can enjoy it guilt free.

The best way to lower these cravings would likely be to start with however much you fancy of it, and then over time gradually decrease the amount you consume each day, rather than trying to immediately stop altogether.

I had a similar thing before following a ketogenic diet with my DIY recipes. However, I used the method above, consuming first 40g per day and then cutting down, and now feel no need for it. I still occasionally have 20g as a treat, but it’s a choice as opposed to a compulsion.

EDIT: Even better than the 85% bar I mentioned above is this Lindt 90% bar:

The whole 100g bar has only 7g of sugar, with a 20g serving therefore having only 1.4g of sugar, just over half that if the Green and Black’s. Lindt also do a 99% cocoa bar, but it costs £2.50 for a 50g bar, is generally harder to find, and will likely be unpleasantly bitter. With that said, that whole bar contains only 2g of sugar (0.8g per 20g serving), so if it fulfills your chocolate cravings and price is no issue, it’s probably your best option.

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I had the same issue with sugar cravings. I cut out sugar in tea and coffee a while back. That took a long time to get used to, but now any tea or coffee with sugar tastes revolting!!! Anything sweet now is :nauseated_face:
Sugar (allegedly) is as addictive to the body as nicotine. Arguable, but not far off I would say.
The only way I found is shear will power of not reaching for the chocolate. Don’t have it in the house in the first place helps a lot at first.
But like anything, it’s all moderation. Once the cravings go (they will!) a piece of high quality dark chocolate is good for you!

Wants and Needs…
I want chocolate but I don’t need it…
Results =

  1. I burn the calories so I can have it
  2. I eat less calories so I can have it
  3. I am depressed because I can’t have it
  4. I am one of those people with lots of motivation and self control and I can do without it

For what it is worth, if the chocolate makes you happy and in small doses isn’t going to kill you then eat it and enjoy it!
If raid my wife’s choc box (yes she has a box which is usually hidden) I do it knowing that I have to burn it off, I make peace with that fact and I move on.

Enjoy Life!


In short, it is an addiction. Your gut bacteria live from the food you eat, if you change the food you eat there will be a ‘transition’ period whilst your gut bacteria adapts to meet this new diet. Whilst it isn’t used to it, it will bombard your brain with signals to eat more of the food its used to. When I started out on 100% huel, the first 2-3 weeks where hell, but very shortly after that my cravings did a nose dive. I’ve never had cravings since :slight_smile: . If you keep having ‘cheat meals’ your body will never full adjust and you will always have cravings.

I often find that 10 drops or so of Bulk Powder’s Chocolate Mint Liquiflav in a 200ml Huel mix is enough to satisfy an evening’s sweet tooth.

The Raspberry is very good too. They also do a straight Chocolate flavour, but I haven’t tried that.

Can confirm chocolate flavour is also a godsend!