Storing Huel in plastic containers


I’ve been using Huel for nearly 2 weeks now. Settled into a rhythm of around a 50/50 split between regular food and Huel and it’s working well for me. I have more energy than I used to have and I can have one at 5pm at work before training at 7pm instead of always training on an empty stomach like before. I am trying to lose some weight so it’s excellent to incorporate into a calorie controlled diet using myfitnesspal. So far so good!

Anyway, may seem a daft question but is there any issue storing the powder and flavour systems in BPA free plastic containers? The bags are a bit of a nightmare to be honest. Perfect for shipping and occasional use but if you’re making multiple Huel’s per day they’re just too messy and the seals even after being cleaned with a pointy knife are too unreliable for consistent use. I want to decant entire pouches into containers and then spoon it onto my scales.


It’s what I do, no problems so far.
Just make sure it’s not exposed to light - I have clear containers so I just keep mine in a cupboard.


It is what I do too. I measure out 200g of vanilla Huel into each at the beginning of the week, and each day will add one container full to a litre of almond milk /water 50% split and make 2 shakes in a blender…which I store in fridge and use next day…adding any additional flavourings at time of mixing/

Saves much messing around with scales during the week.

“Just make sure it’s not exposed to light”

What’s the definition of light? If it was (just for arguments sake) inside a clear plastic container on a kitchen workshop would the oxidation occur and within what time frame?

I use these - a 4000ml (4L) tub holds a whole bag of Huel :slight_smile: food grade plastic too, and I write on the tub with Sharpie which flavour Huel it is as I have both vanilla and u/u :slight_smile: cheap too!

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Huel would be better not exposed to direct light. It won’t cause a massive problem but would reduce the shelf life and degrade some of the vitamins and minerals over time.

Clear plastic / clear glass are not recommend. For pouches we use a coloured plastic outer layer and a foil inner layer to block as much light as possible,

Thanks for the information.

Sorry for the repeated thread @Ric. Maybe a sticky thread at the top of the forum would be a good idea covering all of the most commonly asked questions.

Tough to find but Tupperware Servalier Canisters are awesome! Airtight and completely opaque to prevent light damage