+++Student project+++ Best practice Huel market entry US

Hello everybody,

I am currently conducting a student project on the expansion of European startups into the US. Therefore I have picked the meal replacement industry and my research has led me to this forum!

I have defined Huel’s market entry to the US as a best practice for my project as they become enormously successful within just a short time span in this market! However, it would be great to get some opinions and insight on what the factors were that allowed them to become that successful in the new market!

Every information is highly welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance and looking forward to hearing from all of you :slight_smile:

Lovely to have you here and thanks for choosing Huel as best practice! I would definitely take a listen to some podcasts from our founder and CEO - best to hear it from them! They aren’t USA specific, but I’m certain you’ll pick up some pieces of good info.

Julian has a load listen at the bottom here
James has one on Brand Growth Heroes and Screw it, Just Do It and more, just need to have a google!

Cheeky copy paste! Welcome to the forum, this isn’t a subreddit :wink: