Student trying Huel, a few lifestyle/nutrition questions!

Hello there,

I am a student in my final year of University and I’ve been thinking about giving a soylent product a try. I don’t have time to cook and have eaten way too much microwavable curry and pesto pasta lately that I think it is time to give Huel a go.

So I have ordered a test sample just to make sure I can drink it then I intend to go on a full huel diet with an occasional solid meal, (a treat with friends etc)

My questions are:

  • Can I drink coffee and tea (unsweetened with a drop full fat milk) as usual. I knock back 4 or 5 cups a day and have ice green tea or water when it’s hot.
  • If I whip up a batch of Huel and bring it to Uni with me and knock into it a couple hours later or after some lectures, will it taste a bit stale?
  • Is immediately jumping on a total Huel diet sustainable or will the change be a bit drastic?
  • For flavourings, I tend to buy cheap green tea (matcha) powder from a supplier, can I mix this with Vanilla Huel?


  • Shirokuma
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Jumping into a 100% huel lifestyle right away is a bit drastic, but the great thing is that you can dial it back no problem. Just go and visit the canteen if you want an extra “normal” meal.

The rest should be fine. I use unflavoured huel and mix it up with flavoured spring water or lemonade so I can’t comment on how it works with vanilla. What you eat or drink at other times shouldn’t be significant.

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