Subscription Issues and No Cancelling?

I have been subscribed to a £45 a month package that I have been enjoying since October.
I enjoy the product and all the benefits it has.

However in January you doubled my order. At first I thought this was a mistake or a New Year gift (foolish assumption but I don’t usually assume the worst straight away). Today I received my February renewal order and its double the order again.

I hadn’t set up an account as until now I had no reason to check or edit my original subscription package and upon creating my account and checking my order history your company doubled my subscription for no reason in January with no explanation and charged me for double!

Major annoyance aside I decided to just cancel my subscription get through the product I have and reconsider subscribing if I can look past this however it wont let me cancel the subscription!!! It let me remove the additional package that had been added and reduce it back down to the £45 package I originally wanted but it will not let me cancel it entirely just constant loading screens and upon refreshing its still there.

This has left a very bad taste in my mouth and a very negative image of your company. I would like this to be resolved formally before I resort to blocking the subscription renewal with my bank.

Did you try different browsers/devices ?
Have you also contacted the customer service ?

It had some troubles but works fine for me now.
Some are still affected by the account management issues, but many aren’t (anymore).
This has been a hot topic lately and they are working on it.

I’m also having issues. I’ve tried Chrome, Firefox and Edge, but not allow me to change my subscription. I contacted Customer Service on Monday but no reply yet.

Hey there, I’m so sorry about this, we’ll sort it all out. Have you emailed us? To clarify we absolutely wouldn’t have doubled your order intentionally and any mistake made by our system will be rectified. I’ll revert back when I have some information from the team. Sorry again for the problems here, Sam.

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