Unable to cancel subscription

Hi, in the UK and am unable to cancel my subscription.

The skip option, nor the cancel subscription option works. When clicking either skip does nothing just reloads the page, and cancel just sits in an endless loading loop. tried multiple browsers and incognito modes.

I’ve emailed support twice now and had no reply, is there a contact number to call them ?

many thanks

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Exactly the same issue for me too, also emailed twice and no response!

Come on Huel you guys are usually great…

I’m sure @Tim_Huel will be able to help

I had a few problems earlier. Its gone through fine for me now though. The loading circle was still cycling but when I manually refreshed the page it had applied cancels/changes. It seems a little buggy but I’m sure they’re working on it!

Update here.

Phone number here but best to call in the morning if we haven’t already replied to your email.

01296 678516