Subscriptions no longer available?

When I try to add a subscription to the checkout page the payment button disappears. Even if I start with a completely empty basket and add just the subscription I am unable to checkout.


For the non-subscription the checkout is there:


Are subscriptions currently unavailable? If so a note to that effect rather than simply disabling checkout would be far less confusing.

Click the green button which says Secure Checkout. I just tried it with the same order as you and I got past that screen.

There is no green button, as per the image I posted.


It’s working fine here. What browser / hardware are you using?

It’s chrome, I could try firefox but don’t have it installed right now.

OTOH the mobile site seems to be working so I can use that until the main site is fixed.

I’m using Windows 7 and Chrome and it’s worked fine for me. I just tested with Firefox and that also worked.

Might be worth clearing your cookies/cache/temp files (CCleaner is a good utility for that, just uncheck "only remove files older than 24 hours). But beyond that I don’t know why it’s doing that to you. Hopefully someone on Windows 10 can also test it.

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Well I haven’t tried windows (it’d mean finding the windows box under the junk in the gaming room, and I CBA right now) but that shouldn’t really affect it, it is after all just a web page and (as far as I can tell) no java or flash to bugger things up.

An impressive number of ads blocked, but that’s not unusual these days. Other than that I can’t see why it would behave the way it does, but then I can’t see the backend code.

Have you tried it with your ad-blocker turned off?

I saw a post about this issue the other day. It’s something to do with pop-ups or ad-blockers or browser settings… I can’t remember exactly (sorry - not very helpful I know!)

Really sorry about this one, can you turn off your ad-blocker and try again. This is a known issue the team are working on, sorry for the problems there. Subscriptions absolutely are still available :slight_smile: