Sugar content in products

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My question is if the ‘sugar’ content in huel product is considered ‘added sugar’ or it’s naturally occurring? specifically for the granola, does the ‘maple syrup’ is considered ‘added’ form of sugar? and if for example the AHA(American health association) suggest to limit amount of sugar to 36G a day, does Huel sugar content counted vs that amount?


Hi @rorax

All the ‘sugar’ as labelled in Huel powder is all naturally occurring and the tiny amount that’s there is simply from the main ingredients. We have to label this as ‘sugar’ it’s a legal requirment.

In Huel Bar and Huel Granola some of the sugar is ‘added’ but is all still naturally ocurring. The sugar comes from the syrups that are required too bind the ingredients. According to the AHA recommendations you would count most (but not all as some is from the non-syrup ingredients, as in the powder) of the ‘sugar’ amount in Bars and Granola in this 36g per day (if that’s the correct amount).

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