Suitability for someone who cannot swallow correctly


My father is currently unable to swallow correctly, following a stroke and is only allowed to consume pureed food - i.e. thick liquids. Water and solid foods are forbidden.
Currently, he’s not getting a good diet from what he is eating and is literally bed bound - I thought Huel may give him more energy and help him recover his health.
Two questions - firstly can Huel be served as a thick, pasty liquid?
Secondly, I’d like him to be able to trial a Huel meal first to see if he will eat it - is there the possibility of a trial amount?
Kind regards,


Hi Tony

Sorry to hear about your father.

He should be under the case of a speech and language therapist - these are the guys who look after his swallow reflex. They must be prescribing a thickening agent? What is is?

As Huel is new, we’ve not trialed it with thinkening agents yet, but I will do. If it can be thickened to an even consistency, then there’s no reason why he can’t consume Huel. Please consult the speech and language therapist first.

Yes - he’s seeing a specialist about it, and he has got a thickening powder.

And yes, we are asking the specialist’s opinion on trying Huel - I’d just like to know if it’s possible to purchase a trial pack, rather than a whole week’s supply.

Kind regards,

Sample sachets are in production - there’s been a small delay, but they’ll be out really soon.