Boulimea and Huel

Hi there! I just made an account on this forum. Im from the Netherlands. And want to go on the Huel adventure. Im suffering from boulimea and i think huel will help me overcome it. I dont have to calculate my intake as much as i used to do. I got Huel for two weeks right now and i can tell that it helps me to feel clear headed and i have a stable energy due ita low glycemic index. I love it. Im currently 175cm and around 90kg. I want to lose at least 15kg or more. I hope Huel will ease my life a bit.

And what are your experiences woth weightloss? Im very curious.


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Liquid diets are contraindicated for people with eating disorders. As such it would probably only be advisable under the guidance of a medical professional with not merely mental health training but considerable experience in working specifically with eating disorders. Hopefully you already have this.

I’m only doing it temporary, after the weightloss i will eat normal again. For now on i only take one shake for the convenience.

I actually disagree strongly with this, I have a history of issues with an eating disorder and Huel was actually a massive help, it finally gave me a mental break from obsessing, to then reevaluate things and start recovering.

I’m sure without huel it would have taken me far longer to get to where I am now, which is 98% recovered.

I do however agree which getting professional help is indeed a smart move, finding someone who can actually help is another question though, I didn’t have the luxury, seems guys don’t get taken seriously…


Yeah exactly like that! I dont have to think about my calories anymore. I dont have to be overly obsessed with calculations about how much vitamins, macros i need. I know huel gives me the nutrition i need. And also stops the cravings of bad food. I think its awesome. Im now in a boulimea treatment but i dont know what theyll say about huel.


It’ll be interesting to see what the pros think, however whatever works for you springs to mind here also.

I don’t think huel is bad to use with a ED, as long as it doesn’t become obsessional, and stop you from enjoying other foods too, which I imagine could prove tricky with for some people.

I don’t think I’ve known anyone with an active eating disorder that enjoys any food. Enjoy? They’d settle for a more manageable level of anxiety & fear. Many would jump at a chance to avoid solid food then it becomes another example of the longer you avoid an issue the worse it generally becomes.

I’m not a professional just another mental health service user. I’d be very interested in current medical opinion on this, if we have any Huel consuming Psychs around here?

Yeah enjoy might not have been the correct word… But you get my meaning nevertheless.

You do realise that eating disorders do vary quite a lot right? For example I actually struggled with the idea of drinking my food, since I’d had it in my head that eating was somehow superior, so you can’t paint a everyone with an ED with the same brush.

I had a really severe eating disorder…I used to have pudding first, then main, an amuse bouche, then starter…I’m nearly ok now…just need to work on the cheese and biscuits…

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I think Huel may help you and there is no danger for you in trying it. But please make sure you wash your teeth properly because liquid food is potentially dangerous for teeth.

While enjoying Huel, you should also craft a more long term plan. How do you plan to eat for the rest of your life? Huel for life? I don’t believe 100% Huel for life is really viable or advisable.

This is the long-term problem. If you eat “normal” again, you’ll also get fat again.

The “normal” is extremely unhealthy and you really should try to avoid it:

Could you please substantiate this claim? In what way will a liquid diet damage your teeth?


Nice question, I don’t have references at hand, but I’ve had a bad personal experience. My interpretation is that the granules remain between teeth if you don’t use wash properly. It would be nice if you ask some professional dentist to research the literature and clarify this topic. For me it’s a big concern. My bad experience wasn’t with Huel but with one of your competitors. I’ve not consumed Huel in large doses because I don’t like the taste.

I kinda Disagree, I’d guess moderate huel use would be beneficial to dental health due to a lot less chewing involved, therefore less ware and tare right?

Actually, many dental health professionals believe that chewing is good for your teeth, as the action helps remove plaque.

I use chewing gum which has xylitol and chew that…it also helps remove debris and also boosts saliva production. This is the best one as it is environmentally friendly, totally natural, vegan. Alas not the cheapest.

Cheddar cheese is a really good thing to eat as it neutralises acids that cause decay…cheddar cheese is not really a good thing to eat for any other reason…and being a vegan I am not in favour.

Raisins, surprisingly are good for your teeth, because despite being sweet they don’t contain sucrose, and they also have phytochemical that inhibit the bacteria that cause decay.

I alas am someone who grinds their teeth in their sleep, and that has ruined them somewhat…even with a mouthguard they are a bit knackered.

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That’s precisely what has got me into trouble. I was less worried about teeth because of less chewing. I can’t tell for sure how much of the problem is caused by this idea and how much by the powder food themselves. But I never had a cavity before and then my mouth was filled with cavities. A big change in the wrong direction.

What you’ve said makes lot of sense to me. Chewing is bad for teeth for obvious reason but it’s also good for less obvious reasons. Life is not so simple. I’m also curious about cheddar cheese, how is it supposed to work? Maybe it works because it’s alkaline? It seems acidic bacterial byproducts are the big enemy.

I’m using what seems to be a very good italian product for teeth health but I’ll not publicize here. If someone is interested he can ask me with private message.

About the gum you recommend, it’s very interesting but costly for me. There are 5 ingredients. Xylitol we know and it’s also in my product. The other ingredients, do they have health purpose? EDIT: Or maybe they’ve health dangers? Better safe than sorry…

I don’t know if I grind my teeth, but I know i used to sleep with mouth. That’s bad for teeth. It’s also bad for everything else. I think that I’ve got the cavities precisely where there is more air flow.

Tim, i think the reasoning is fairly simple. Huel is in part like flour. Flour tastes good because saliva breaks down some of the “complex carbohydrates” into sweet “simple carbohydrates”. The bacteria then love the “simple carbohydrates”. I think there should be data somewhere showing that flour is associated with more dental problems than whole grains. I’m not sure about the other nutrients (proteins, fats), but I would like to stay on safe side. From what I know for now, I would say 2nd most dangerous is protein.

EDIT, Tim, if this turns out to be a real problem after you’ve investigated it, and if you want to be really benevolent toward your customers, then simply put a warning about this on label. After you’ve told your customers to wash their teeth seriously and properly, you’ve done your part.

Really interesting hearing the thoughts on this, sorry for taking the conversation on a tangent. Let’s all make an effort to ask our dentist next time we see them. RV back here in 6 months? :grin: