Sunflower Lecithin removal?

Hey all.

Something I’ve noticed and realised none of us were told about Is that huel changed from sunflower lecithin, to sunflower oil a little while back!

What is the reason for this and why wasn’t it noted?

I just looked though the version history and it still wasn’t mentioned there, in fact on the history for v2.2 (where it changed) it states “the 6 main ingredients (oats, rice, pea, flaxseed, sunflower and coconut) remain unchanged” but that’s clearly not the case evidently…

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little disappointed it wasn’t noted… Not to be “one of those” which come on here to whine, but I am.

Besides, I thought sunflower lecithin had health benefits, so why switch to cheaper and inferior oil?


Hi @Stole_My_Sweetroll

This was sometime ago. There is very little difference nutritionally between sunflower oil and sunflower lecithin; the fatty acid profile is practically the same. Sunflower lecithin has properties that make it a useful ingredient in some products that aren’t applicable to powder. For instance, we use it in Bars v2.0 as an emulsifier and this gives them the shiny coating.

We didn’t note it because it didn’t make any difference to our formula and this is the first time it’s come up, to be honest. The benefits of sunflower lecithin are due to its fatty acid profile which sunflower oil has too.

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Thanks for getting back to me James, I can see why It wasn’t commented about at time of change, it’s fair I guess.

One thing that is different between the two, is the sunflower lecithin contains PhosphatidylSerine, which I’m guessing isn’t present in the oil. It know PhosphatidylSerine is helpful in lowering cortisol etc amongst other things. What’s your thoughts on this? :slight_smile:


Hi @Stole_My_Sweetroll

Phosphatidylserine may have some health benefits, but the amounts required are significant and the amount that’s in sunflower lecithin is small. Then, with the amount of the ingredient in Huel, there would be an minute amount.

Ah fair enough then, I didn’t realise there wasn’t much lecithin to begin with, I’ll stop pontificating about it. :slight_smile:

And thanks for getting back to me as well.

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