'Supper' Huel vs. 'Sweet' Huel

I’m loving my Huel! I’ve only got the vanilla so far, and it’s great with fruit blended in, and I made chocolate banana ones today with a banana and chocolate cashew milk (substituted half the water for milk and 1 banana)

I’ve been wondering what experiences people have had with non sweet type recipes.

I was thinking of getting some unsweet unflavored Huel and making a supper type of shake instead of a sweet type of shake.
I wanted to add cooked or even raw veggies in with huel. Maybe cooked veggies and use broth instead of water to make something like a stew flavored huel…

Would this be crazy? :thinking::carrot::broccoli::tomato:

It has definitely been done before so you’re not crazy! Have a search on this forum there’s loads of threads about it. Many sins have been committed in the name of savoury Huel experimentation but even this major sweet-tooth enjoyed one with beetroot once!