Support around today?

I also wonder where the support team are. Emailed yesterday - no response. Quite an urgent matter of a missing delivery. Allegedly dispatched 12/9 still no sign of it. Not even any contact from the delivery people. Now totally out of Huel and our eating regime is completely screwed. Have had to go out and buy food for meals!!

This is why I have a 10 bag buffer

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I don’t have 10 bags but I certainly have a buffer. I usually have four different flavours on the go plus a couple of full ones in reserve. That’s just for one person.

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Ive currently got 6 unopened bags in my cupboard! Plus two opened.
I’ve never gone below 2 spare unopened bags before placing another order even though it’s next day delivery.
It would be a pain to go without for a week, now I’m so used to having it as a regular part of my diet.
I’m the same with everything though - the cat has an even bigger buffer of food in the shed than I have :laughing:


I’m the same with the dogs. The girls always have plenty of food in reserve.

The horror! :joy:

Seriously though as I sat in bed this morning with a hangover and made myself a shake using bottled water and some vanilla Huel powder that I had in my bedroom (don’t judge I’m in an Airbnb*), I asked myself how anyone who doesn’t have Huel can be bothered to feed themselves any other way when this amazing product is available

*and also incredibly lazy

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