Supscription update troubles - change of browser might help

I have tried to update my supscription on numerus occations without luck. I got the popup saying the supscription had been updated, but when I revisited the subscription the update hadnt taken effect. I tried from my Iphone (using safari) and from my Windows pc (using Internet Explorer 11) before I thew in the towel, canceled my current subscription and just made a new.

Today I was going to change my subscription again, and as before, the update didnt take effect despite the popup saying it had been updated.

As I was in no hurry this time around, I didn’t resort to the panic cancel subscription I did last time, but gave it a try using chrome, and it worked :smiley:

So if you are experiencing the same trouble try with a different browser :smile:


Thanks for this one, really sorry for the problems here. Thanks for persevering and as ever just hit us up on and we will sort it. Glad that Chrome worked so I guess use that from now on or perhaps try on IE Edge? We’re working on our own subscription system from scratch and it’s going to be amazing. These problems won’t exist but for now, we’re sorry for it’s problems.

Ill just stick to chrome, it works fine. I’m just mad at myself for not trying this first time around
Looking forward to the new subscription page :grinning: