TDEE calculators vs Myfitnesspal

Hi, all.

One of the first two tips I got from the forum was to find my TDEE and use MyFitnessPal to track what I eat and drink.

I my profile in MyFitnessPal I’ve added my weight, my height, the goal weight, the exercising I usually do, my daily activity and the week goal.
The website of MyFitnessPal says I need to consume 2000 calories (which is weird, since the app said 2020 calories yesterday).

The TDEE calculators vary from 2300 to 2750 calories for me.

Should I update MyFitnessPal to something like 2400 calories per day?

ps: in the MyFitnessPal website, if I adjust to lose 1kg/week, the website says the goal should be 1,750 Calories/Day and the app, for the same configuration, is saying 1700 Calories/Day. It’s not a huge difference, but I’m wondering why the values are different when both should use the same algorithm.

See how you get on with 2000 and take it from there. Depending on mental health, weigh in somewhere between every day and every week.

Losing too much - Increase cals 200
Losing nothing - Decrease 200

Not a lot can go wrong :slight_smile:

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