The Honest Journey - a party head on huel

Hello. I’m partysquidge. Huel is on it’s way, arriving tomorrow in fact. So you meet me at the beginning. I’m on my fourth pot noodle of the night.

Yes, as a 21 year old student who loves going out and quite frankly, getting mashed to fuck, my only means of human fuel is pot noodle and beer. So why am I changing that? (no, seriously, why…?)

I’ve known about Huel for a while, I’m a screenwriting student and I started writing a short film about a man who hated the human race so much he decided to try and murder every single person and preserve the planet. I wanted him to be sympathetic to the earth and looked up ‘crazy vegan diets’. Huel was on the list. I liked the idea. I considered giving it a go but that idea flopped, along with my short film. See, I’m just not the most committed person. So…why?

Over the last year, I have put on a stone from drinking too much and eating crap. Being a student, really. It isn’t as if I’m overweight, I just know I put it on in the wrong way. Throughout my life, I’ve always been pretty confident and found self love… but I’ve also fantasised about being this skinny model that remembers to dye her roots and drinks white wine spritzers with other skinny models and not only gets asked out on dates but has to turn them down. I guess that’s where I’ve gone wrong, being the awkward beer drinking idiot that I am, I’m incredibly far from this miraculous transformation. So none of that. No putting myself down. I just would quite like to be my ‘normal’ weight. (I have spoken to my doctor about this and everyone has their own BMI etc so please do not base yourself on me)

So, I’ve got a plan. And here it is.


  1. Replace breakfast & lunch with Huel
  2. Cook myself a nice evening meal from scratch (no pot noods)
  3. Try…try and do 10,000 steps a day
  4. Cut down massively on beer
  5. Use this post as a blog to honestly track how it’s going and how I’m feeling
  6. Maybe I’ll go on a date

So weighing in at 10.9 stone/ about 70 kg, I am aiming for a stone less. I’ll regularly update on here.

Tomorrow it begins. I have finished my final pot noodle. Goodnight.
(p.s would love to hear from you fellow huel folk for advice/general chat)


Breakfast - 2 scoops new vanilla Huel
Lunch - 2 scoops new vanilla Huel
Dinner - Honey glazed salmon with avocado salad and egg fried rice
A double gin and tonic (that’s right, just one)

I did my 10,000 steps! That’s about it

So, the Huel arrived at about 10:00am by which time I was starving and ready for my Huel breakfast. It was also just so exciting, I’m sure you all know what I mean, I almost felt giddy about getting started and changing my life. So here’s what I got:

New Vanilla Huel Powder
Mint Choc Chip Huel Powder
Berry Huel Powder
10 Sample Flavour Boost
Free shaker & t shirt

After reading this forum, I knew that I wanted to use a blender since you Huellers recommended it. So I whizzed it up with water and ice, sat at the table with my new breakfast took a gulp and…
Hmm. I got the oats, I liked that. But it was just…odd. It wasn’t gross it just wasn’t like anything I’ve tasted before. I did struggle with finishing it, how bizarre that a drink can be so filling. I’ve realised that I have been very bad with eating proper meals, I’m a huge snacker so it was really difficult to finish it and was almost over bearing. But, when the lunch time one came around I was a lot better. I didn’t even snack in between.

And I cooked myself a proper meal! I didn’t actually want any crap FOR ONCE. I hope I keep it up. Tomorrow, I’m going to flavour my morning vanilla with coffee and try the mint choc chip for lunch.

I’m not going to weigh myself everyday but every week, I’m worried about becoming obsessive.

Now here’s the true challenge. The night is still young. I’ve got into my pyjamas to try and tell my brain the day is over and I will NOT be going out for drinks.
No I will not.
No beer binge.

I’ll update tomorrow…

partysquidge xx


Great start @partysquidge!
Keep it up… I’ll be checking back to see how you’re getting on. So far so good!


Thank you! I’m sure it can only get easier :slight_smile:

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Try making your Huel up tonight and leaving it in the fridge til the morning - it makes a massive difference to the taste.
I’d highly recommend the mocha flavour boost for a breakfast shake, it’s delicious.
Oh and experiment with different ratios of water to powder - some people like it really thick, others prefer it more watery. It’ll take you a few days to find a recipe that you really like


That’s such a good idea, I’ll go make them up now!
Thank you, that’s good to hear I’ll experiment more
Thanks Christina, great advice!


Yes it’s so much nicer after being in the fridge, I am sure you will think so as well.

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Agree. Much better chilled for at least a few hours. Taste is subjective I know, but I too love the mocha flavour boost.


Good luck unsquidging your party head :smile:

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Just had a sip…waaaay better

Thank you, I need this luck


Day 2

Breakfast - 2 scoops of vanilla Huel with coffee YUM
Lunch - 2 scoops mint choc chip Huel YES YUM
Dinner - Honey garlic chicken and rice
I plan on having a few gins tonight…

I’ve done 7000 steps so far but the walk to the pub I’m going to and the stumble back should bring me up to 10,000…motivation or what?

Thank you for the advice guys, it was so much better after being in the fridge over night plus I made it a bit thinner and it actually enjoyed it, feeling do much more positive. I did do something a bit stupid though. When you guys make it with coffee, do you make it normally then add some coffee you’ve made? I essentially made a giant amount of coffee and added Huel to it. It was delicious but I was bouncing off the walls…I think I may have messed up there.

After my first one, I was so bloated I looked about 5 months pregnant. I do get quite bloated anyway but this was crazy but I know it’s because my body is adjusting and I downed loads of water throughout the day and it settled. I had a shit, that was nice. I thought you famously could not shit for the first few days of Huel so I feel very lucky. Or maybe it was all the coffee.

Yes, I am going for some drinks tonight and I understand that when you’re trying to lose weight, binge drinking is the devil. So I’m going to try and be good. But it is the holidays!

I don’t want to limit myself from social situations too much. Last year I was madly depressed and barely went out (NOT at all like the usual partysquidge) and that’s how I put the weight on. I literally would sit in my bed all day only getting up to answer the door to my McDonalds or Taco Bell delivery, god damn Ubereats and Deliveroo, I love you but I hate you. So I know I’m not overweight but every time I go to put on my favourite dress and it doesn’t fit right I just remember why I’ve put on this weight, from a dark and unhealthy time. I feel so much better mentally so I just need to see what I can do with making ma bodaayy catch up (okay, I’m going to stop saying bodaayy).

I want to get into some more exercises but I’ll leave that for the new year.
See you tomorrow
partysquidge xx

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Teaspoon instant coffee in 500ml water plus 3 scoops vanilla Huel for me. And three ice cubes if not done the night before seems to do the trick.


Thanks! That sounds more like it, I’ll give it a go :slight_smile:

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Day 3

Early hours of the morning/last night - So. Much. Gin.
Today - A pot noodle. 2 scoops mint choc chip Huel. Garlic honey chicken and rice. Chocolate

A whopping 13,695 steps of pure walk of shame

Yes, I drank a ridiculous amount of gin last night and woke up in someone else’s bed. At 4 in the afternoon. One of the things i wanted to do with all this is make myself more confident in the romantic department. Jeez, day 3 and I wake up next to someone! I mean, they are my friend. May have complicated some things there…

I’m the stingiest person ever so of course, I decided to walk home rather than getting a taxi. I knew it would be quite a long walk…it was a fucking massive walk. And I felt terrible. I truly looked terrible. If you ever think you look bad whilst hungover, just remember that a lady stopped me to ask if I was okay and OFFERED TO BRUSH MY HAIR. I kindly declined.

When I eventually got home, I was feeling ROUGH. I don’t normally get hangovers quite this bad. And I’m never sick but I couldn’t quite make it to my door and threw up in my neighbours recycling bin. Absolutely tragic.

After having a load of water I was actually so excited for my nice, cold Huel especially since I’ve heard for some people, it’s a life saver for hangovers. I opened the fridge and actually YELPED when there was no Huel in there…I completely forgot to make them up before going to bed. I was hungry and tired so I went for the old friend. Pot noodle.

I woke up from a nap feeling less hungover but felt sluggish and gross. I’m an idiot- I could have used ice cubes to get cold Huel fast. So, I went and made myself a mint choc chip one and honestly, I can’t believe only 2 days ago I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do this because of not liking the taste. I really, really like it now thanks to you guys and your advice. I’ve got the consistency and taste down to my liking. I’ve snacked on some Christmas chocolate and I stopped and asked myself why - obviously, there isn’t anything wrong with snacking on a bit of chocolate but I was struggling to stop. So, I made myself an actual meal instead. Now I’m full and happy and SO ready for an early night.

So, I’ve not stuck completely to the plan but fuck it, I’ve been more mindful than a usual hungover partysquidge would be.

Night guys
partysquidge xx

(P.s My top tips of the day- don’t get with your friends and don’t google ‘can you recycle vomit’)



I’ve just found this thread, and honestly, I’m sad it isn’t longer… Are you still out there? Would love to read more of your updates and progress as these posts are honest, hilarious and great to read.


Yeah me too, I love @partysquidge attitude, the brutal but comic honesty is great. Where have you gone??? :anguished:

Thanks to the revival of this thread, I found something I love to read :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope you’re doing well, can relate to a part of your story myself.

Ah damn I missed this when you first started writing this. Was getting into it and then realised it was from December. How you doing? How’s the Huel? How’s the degree?