The Hoodie

Hi just thinking of buying a hoodie
How are these for sizing? Do they shrink or stretch after washing?
Are they of decent quality, do they go bitty?

Totally biased, but I don’t believe many people will have a hoodie here, they’re really decent quality. They will shrink on a hot wash like anything. After washing and drying they will feel tighter, but a few wears later and it’s back to the shape you remember. I had one (that I lost) for 3 years and wore it multiple times a week and it was still great. Sure a bit looser and yeah a few bobbles, but not super bobbly. I was very annoyed to lose it!

I’ve got one and I have to say, it’s the best quality hoodie I’ve ever had.

I also have one, would like to have more !

They are my second favourite hoodies. My favourite is this one:

They don’t make them any more. Fantastic