The Hoodie

Hi just thinking of buying a hoodie
How are these for sizing? Do they shrink or stretch after washing?
Are they of decent quality, do they go bitty?

Totally biased, but I don’t believe many people will have a hoodie here, they’re really decent quality. They will shrink on a hot wash like anything. After washing and drying they will feel tighter, but a few wears later and it’s back to the shape you remember. I had one (that I lost) for 3 years and wore it multiple times a week and it was still great. Sure a bit looser and yeah a few bobbles, but not super bobbly. I was very annoyed to lose it!

I’ve got one and I have to say, it’s the best quality hoodie I’ve ever had.

I also have one, would like to have more !

They are my second favourite hoodies. My favourite is this one:

They don’t make them any more. Fantastic

Tempted to get a Hoodie. Thanks for the report Tim. Is there returns if they don’t fit?

Get in touch with the Customer Experience team if you find it doesn’t fit and we’re more than happy to help out and make it right for you!

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Can you not add products with clothing? I was going to add in a protein tub with the hoodie but doesn’t seem to give me an option. My only option is two tubs!

You would think it would work like any other product you buy where you can add on individuals.

Typical, I finally have enough money to get a hoodie and my size has sold out. Been in stock all week :smiley: