The Ultimate Huel Recipe Compilation


I made a list with the many Huel Recipes I could found in this forum, the ones on the Huel blog (and PDF version) and added some of my own. I have tried to credit accordingly, but I may have missed someone, please let me know.

The list is name ultimate somehow ironically since it is not finished (and will never be) and there are many things that can be improved. Things such as ratings, pictures or more recipes.

Also, I would like to think about the list like an open list. Open to new inputs (recipes pictures) or feedback about the format. What does the Hueler considered important, what is not so important. I hope I can build upon this list and add some extras (like Huel Cheesecake) in the future.

Anyhow without further delay:

Bon appetite!

Comment: If something I’ve learnt doing this compilation is that there are unlimited amounts to use huel, from the most simple hack, to boosting your vegetable soup to baking with it.

EDIT 1: Sources

  1. Huel Forum Recipe Section (EU)
  2. Huel Forum Recipe Section (US)
  3. Huel’s blog with many recipes in detail.
  4. Huel Recipe PDF

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Advice needed

Not working for me right now on Safari with ghostery and adblock on - the ‘+’ don’t expand down when clicked. It was fine on an amazon tablet earlier. So most likely a problem my end, will check and confirm back.

When I looked earlier though, it looked like a really good resource and a load of effort on your part - thanks a lot for sharing it. I’ll definitely be using some of the ideas on there.

One bit of feedback is that seemed that maybe there was some mixing up of teaspoon/tsp and tablespoon/tbsp? Could be worth a check.


Nice simple one I use almost daily if you want to add it;


  • 2 scoops of Berry Huel
  • 1 medium banana
  • 100g frozen mixed berries
  • 450ml water


  • Put the dry ingredients in the blender (I put the fruit in first to stop the Huel powder sticking)
  • Top up with approximately 450ml water
  • Blitz for 1 minute
  • Optional: chill overnight

Produces a thick and satisfying smoothie which feels very filling. You can skip the overnight chill by using frozen banana with the frozen berries and chilled water.


Thank you.

I’ll definitely add it. I think most people will be looking for simple hacks so it is always good to have more.

Do not doubt on sharing more if you have any other!


I think you might be right with the tsp/tbsp issue. I will look back in the original recipes and see if that is the case.

Thank you! Glad that it will be useful for someone at least! I have already been using some of the ideas I collected, and they have definitely opened my mind. I am pretty sure I can make a Huel Cheesecake now.

Mmm. That is interesting. I used the accordions (the -/+ feature) because it was making the article very long and I wanted to make it easier to see it at a glance. I was even thinking on doing that in the recipes. I guess it is good I didn’t.


Had a play around and seems like its Ghostery -off and page is fine.

No impact with Adblock on/off that I could see.

Edit to add - yes agreed seems like a good idea to use that feature to shorten the article. Site is whitelisted on my Ghostery now


No recipes to share?:wink: