Thick paste non liquid in readymade bottles

@huelfuel I’ve dropped you a DM. There might well be a setting that prevents new members sending DMs.

S’all the fibre in Huel, Colin.


@kysek and @huelfuel the manufacturing site have checked their retained samples from the same batch of the bottles and found no issues. Therefore a general batch issue can be excluded. Sorry for terrible photos.

image001%20(2) image002%20(2)

@Tim_Huel I mailed the two bottles to the address you gave. Details are in the email I sent you.

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I’ve also found that on occasion there are thick skin like elements both RTD flavours. This is despite shaking the bottles. I noticed they are more prevalent after leaving the bottles in the fridge and consuming them chilled.

These were a thick paste, more than just a surface skin. It says on the bottles store dry and cool and best served chilled. Are we not supposed to store them in the fridge?

Anyway, Tim arranged for a whole new box of 12 to be sent and which arrived a couple of days ago a nice gesture since technically it would have been good had I received two new bottles.


They don’t need to be stored in the fridge, unless you just want to chill them overnight for next day useage.

I had 24 bottles of RTD and 23 of them were perfect. Unfortunately, one of them (which had also been left in the fridge for a week or two) had gone all clumpy and a bit sour :frowning: by coincidence this is the one I used unknowingly when I invited my colleagues to try some! oops! nobody died but suffice to say it wasn’t a pleasant first experience for them

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