Thick paste non liquid in readymade bottles


2 bottles of the 12 pack of Huel readymade bottles I bought (the last two bottles actually) have what appears to be a thick paste inside, meaning there’s very little actual liquid. Anyone else come across this? These were stored in the fridge just like the other 10 bottles which were fine.


Unless the design has changed in the last few weeks, that doesn’t look like a Huel RTD bottle and Huel RTD does not have a foil seal on the top like in your picture.

Hi there. I’m almost certain this not one of our bottles for several reasons, Coup has mentioned a couple.

May I ask where you bought them from?

Of course, it’s a Huel bottle!


Where do you think I bought them from, I bought them from the Huel site!

Hey there, thanks for the post and so sorry to see this. Could you please grab us a photo of the batch number and the expiry date - this should be on the neck of the bottle.

Drop me a DM if easier and we will sort this out.

Here is the number and expiration date. Both bottles have this same number.

Sorry for jumping the gun on this! Thanks for the second photo. Tim will help you from here on out.

Hi Tim, where do I contact you directly to sort this out?

If you click on his name it will open a box with a message button. That will allow you to directly message him on the forum.

I don’t see any message button when clicking on the name.

Does it not look like this?

No, there’s no message box.

Odd. I don’t know why that is. Maybe if @Tim_Huel sends you a message you will be able to reply to it then.

I have a box of unopened bottles from the same batch (only difference is time of production, mine is around 20:30). Should I be concerned?

Could you take a photo of the lid on your bottles?

I have 2 boxes of RTDs (arrived ~week ago). One berry, one vanilla. Bottles from both boxes have foil seals.

Does UK get RTDs from different factory that don’t have foil seals? (I’m from Poland.)

Yup, just checked.

huel-pl huel-uk

UK & USA RTD is manufactured in the USA. European (excluding UK) RTD is manufactured in Austria.

The bottle design and seal you both have is different to what I have seen here in the UK.

Will leave this now with Tim to investigate.

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