Thirty pound target

Hi folks, I’m just approaching the end of my first week of using Huel. I’m intending to check my weight just once or twice each week but have a target of moving from 195 lbs to 165 lbs.

I’m a bit reluctant to start a brand new topic but hope that posting my progress reports here will keep me accountable and prompt a few tips/ideas from other members.

Will provide more background in later posts but for now, one day before my weekly weigh in, just wish me luck!

Anyone else want to join me in CLUB30? We can motivate each other if we’re in it together!


Welcome and wish you the best of luck on your journey!
I have been fairly consistent the last two weeks and have lost approx 6lbs in that time.
I have by no means been hardcore strict, and to be honest I have very little will power lol If I fancy something I will have it…even so I still lost weight so if I can do it then anyone can!

Top tip for you would be try to mix up shakes the night before, a matter of personal choice but I find the texture to be more agreeable.

Other than that just remember as you get closer to your goal weight don’t pay too much attention to the scales especially if you are doing weight training. I typically keep an old T-shirt handy, and pair of jeans that I aim to fit into, and then I try and squeeze myself into them each week…strange but effective!

Tell me more about club30…

Thanks for the welcome, Nimz_Varsani!

Yes, I’ve noticed that already. Sticking them in the fridge overnight makes them thicker. I should say though, I’ve only used the Huel with milk at the moment [semi skimmed]. Don’t fancy the thought of mixing it with water as I think it would just seem too “thin”. I know I’m adding calories with the milk but am working up to the transition to water!

Just an idea that came to me as I was finishing off the initial post. That’s my declared target, 30 pounds. Not sure if it’s achievable but I’m going to give it a try. There must be others with a similar target. Maybe we could post weigh-in details here and keep each other going. My first checkpoint comes tomorrow!

Starting point: 195.25 lbs on February 22

I add a banana to my Huel everyday so to be honest I get the creaminess from there, I did experiment with hazelnut milk and it was nice but didn’t really alter the consistancy or taste.

I have bookmarked your thread so will get updates automatically…

FatboySlim This is my thread I tend to post all my updates here just so I can also reveiw progress and take insults when falling off the wagon lol.


OK, got it. I will give that a try then. Already prepared tomorrow’s shakes as I had raspberries that needed to be used up. But that does sound like a decent compromise – banana plus water. Thanks!

OK, I just had my first weigh-in since starting the Huel journey.

Very happy to report a loss of 4¾ pounds over the first week. That sounds quite steep actually, but I guess my progress is going to be quicker in the early stages as there’s currently a lot of scope for improvement!

So that’s it for now, 4¾ pounds lost, 25¼ pounds to go!

Looking back I reckon I’ve been very diligent with the food intake over these first seven days. I’d score myself 9 out of 10 for that. About 6 out of 10 for the exercise routine. Maybe only about 4 out of 10 for the alcohol intake (five clear days, but a rugby-related weekend splurge).

Today is Wednesday, the start of week 2. All metrics are back to zero!

New weight 190½ pounds, body fat 28.9%, water content 52.0%

Great stuff nice first week loss keep it up! Hopefully you might venture into the metric side join us crazy people counting kilograms haha

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