Thoughts about combining intermittent fasting and Huel?


Hi there everyone

I just received my first Huel order today so I’ll be starting tomorrow.
I’ve been doing IF since December, albeit, I haven’t been doing it properly since February. I lost 10kg though, by doing the 16:8 and trying a more low carb diet.
My plan is to have 3 scoops at lunch (with a scoop of protein powder…I’m veggie so dont always get enough protein in). Then have a high protein, lowish carb dinner.
Has anybody combined the two before?

Thank you :hugs:



Hi Chanel. If you type intermittent fasting in the search box, top right, you will find a few threads on the subject you might want to read.

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Yep, and it works.

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Thank you! I’m still new to the site and figuring out how it works lol

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Works just as well as any other method of managing your calorie intake. :slight_smile: