Three bags in a box!

Can I please request to mix and match the bags of savoury with milkshake?
I have tasted the shakes and am really happy having tried a variation of flavours. But now between my partner and I we would like to taste some of the savoury, while topping up our shakes.
2x savour
1x shake
But the system won’t let me. Whyyyyyy??

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I know it’s frustrating, I tend to now buy 3 savoury and 1 shake every time I need a new one. I would like to mix and match, that might make me subscribe.

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There are a few threads that have been created over the course of last year til present. The core point is what makes business sense and what doesn’t - at the moment what you’re after just isn’t viable (unless there has been a change in the first 1/4 of 2021)

As you likely know already, you unfortunately you can’t ‘top up’ orders unless you add the single items at the ‘Exclusive basket offers’ sections before checkout, or you add it to your subscription(s). As an alternative, you could pop to your nearest Sainsburys to grab your extra Chocolate and Vanilla RTD!! :poop: drools at sight of fresh RTD

In the below thread there are more links to past threads related to this matter. Feel free to indulge :smiley:


This is certainly something requested quite a few times amongst both regular and new Hueligans, and please believe me we take all feedback and suggestions on board and are looking into what we can do. :blush: