Tips for using up flavours you don’t like

In the process of trying different flavours to settle on what my regular orders will consist of I’ve bought a couple of flavours I wasn’t keen on. In my case it was coffee and chocolate premixes (neither were strong enough for me). As I don’t like to waste food I’ve been experimenting with different things to add to use them up. I thought it might be useful to have a thread on how to adapt different flavours to use up a bag you don’t like.

So to kick things off:
Coffee Premix

  • add a shot of espresso to make it actually taste of coffee
  • add gingerbread flavour boost
  • add cacao powder to get a chocolate coffee bean flavour
  • add salted caramel flavour boost

Chocolate Premix

  • add cacao powder or cocoa powder to make it taste of chocolate
  • mix with banana premix to get chocolate banana flavour
  • add salted caramel flavour boost

Any others? Or tips for using up other flavours? @David - any tips from your science lab for using up Berry?


Add frozen cherries :cherries: to the chocolate :chocolate_bar: mix :yum:


I found that oat milk and cacao powder makes the chocolate premix really delicious (whereas I’m not keen on it ‘as is’)

Vanilla (new)
Instant coffee powder in vanilla premix is the only thing that makes this one drinkable to me! Kinda tastes like a caramel latte.

No. Nothing helps. Give it to @David


Add loads of original banana boost to any of them. I luckily have plenty stockpiled.


I disliked coffee until I added oatmilk and cacao.
I disliked vanilla bit added cinnamon which I felt improved the taste. As for berry, I found worked. Chocolate powder from the sample pack made it fractionally more palatable.

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Adding berries to berry helps berry but I like berry

Berry berry berry berry berry

Afraid not. I’ve been trying to get through it as quickly as possible. I feel like it’d be wasteful to mix anything nice into it. I’ll save my gingerbread for vanilla and chocolate.

Despite all my posts about how foul it is, I’m having no problems using it up.

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Bit extreme but I don’t like Berry either :tired_face:

I have the coffee premix which I don’t like, and the vanilla premix which I like and which I usually have. I just add small amounts of the coffee to the vanilla, so that it gets used up, and the end result still tastes essentially like the vanilla.