Today is the day

Today is the first day I’ve felt bloody cold for ages. Proper autumnal. This is the sort of day hot and savoury was invented for.

I look forward to using my HS during or after a days hill walkiing in the autumn/winter. I take a portable stove in my car I used to boil water and pot noodles after walks but HS will be much nutritionally better.

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Same here in the north of spain…

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Yes. I get that 100%. I do like an autumnal hike and this will be a grey end to it.

after living in the tropics and Southern Hemisphere for like 15 years - I’d pretty much forgotten what cold meant - until I had to go to Switzerland in January for a 3 day client meeting. It was cold there. I own no winter clothes or jackets unsurprisingly.

I still eat my TGC - I just have to crank up the AC when I do :slight_smile:

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As spaniard I am a firmly lover of hot foods even in summer @Phil_C and @hunzas. Lentils, beans, creams, soups…

Sometimes I cook human food

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Yep - hot I can deal with, hot and humid is the killer. When its summer here and over 40° and 90% humidity, you break out in a sweat even having a coffee :slight_smile: I guess that’s why when you get hot food in a cafe or restaurant here its not really hot - more sort of luke warm - something I had to get used to.

I know I said I was cold yesterday, but I was still wearing a t-shirt and shorts (as I am today).

I won’t resort to long trousers and long sleeves until October.

Hands up, who’s got the heating on? Me! That NNW wind is vicious today :cold_face:

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Heck no, glorious sunshine down in the southwest coast. Actually I’m not sure I’ve ever put the heating on. I wonder if it even works…

Up here in the frozen north, well far enough north to make a difference, it’s gone a tad chilly over the last couple of days. After all the warm weather I’m feeling a bit nesh. Heating’s not on for the duration, just a couple of hours to warm the place up a little.

It’s definitely colder here in past 2 days. Sun is out though but chilly wind again. Not time for heating yet though - though I have just changed energy supplier so may be a bit cheaper when it is time to stick it on.

Hi @hunzas you wouldn’t have had shorts on here in Scotland. We have had to scrape the windscreen both yesterday and today. Our heating also clicked on so definitely left summer behind. Its sunny this now but very cold and I am not looking forward to the long cold dark days and nights. :disappointed_relieved:

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Is it really that chilly. Brrr…!!! Don’t you all wear kilts though? Even more draughty on ones wotsits than shorts.

I like all of our seasons in the UK for different reasons. Approaching autumn, I like the colours; the smells and the need to start wrapping up when going on hikes etc. Then the winter I like the cosy dark evenings; the frosty mornings; snow - though we don’t get much of that here.

Then after a few months of that the spring evenings warming up, getting lighter. And I love hot summers.

What I really do hate is weeks on end of rain; I love heavy rainstorms, thunder, lightning etc, but not miserable dampness day after day.

Yes I think that would be rather chilly in the nether regions but I’m female. Dont think we have a national dress for ladies but I could be wrong and I dont no anybody who wears a kilt. Only see them worn at weddings and sport venues.
It always amazes me when we go to Austria and they are so very proud of their national dress and cultures. Bet they also feel the cold in the winter. :skier::closed_umbrella::snowman_with_snow:

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A quick Google search told me this: Female traditional dress of Scotland consists of a tartan skirt, a tartan sash or shawl, and ghillies. Skirts can be of different length, historically they are ankle-length, but nowadays women wear knee-long or even very short tartan mini-skirts.

My wife’s dad was Scottish (born in Musselburgh), though spent most of his adult life in London as he was in the Sweeney (Flying Squad) at Scotland Yard (so that may still count).

Definately not for me. I cant say I have ever seen any females day to day wearing anything like that. I just think of tartan and I itch.
Mind you when I think of the hilarious Frank Spencer sketch of the highland dancers the females were probably dressed like that. :nerd_face:

While I don’t remember that I used to live with 2 female black cats called Frank and Betty - not after the Spencers tho; they were both rescues, and they were named after Frank Zappa and Black Betty (Ram a lam).

My 2 Maine coon cats Dougal and Dylan were named after the magic roundabout programme but dont look anything like their characters. We got Dougal from Aberdeen and wanted to give him a Scottish name.
Poor Dougal also feels the cold and has now got a long jacket for this colder weather.
Cant get him interested in hot huel though. :cat2:

When I was in Reykjavik late last November I kept bumping into a friendly Maine Coon…it was damn cold there with snow on the ground but he didn’t seem to mind the chill.