Tough fibers in RTD banana

I keep finding these gross fibers floating in my huel banana shakes. They almost feel like tiny pieces of the corn husks used to make tamales. Is it still safe to drink? Is this happening to anyone else?

Sean, thanks for the message and sorry to see this is your first post to the forum :sob: This sounds strange, could you let me know how the RTD has been stored? If the RTD is stored in cold conditions for an extended period of time it can thicken up a lot and change the texture. If you suspect your RTD has at any point been frozen, like if it was left on your doorstep in sub-zero conditions then it might have led to an unfavourable change in the texture.

Do feel free to get in touch with the customer experience team though,, if you’re unhappy as I’m sure they will be able to help you out, as well as track your RTD batch for our records to check this isn’t something happening more.

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